We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Leopop 2!

My newest book is available for pre-order!

epigram preorderhttps://shop.epigrambooks.sg/products/lion-boys-and-fan-girls

Super stoked! Pumped! Or, in my hometown – Sweeee!


pic big group.jpgThis book sells year after year! Read the rest of this entry »

Great Kidlit Showcase

supercoolbooks.com-GREAT KIDLIT SHOWCASE 2019 _____Pauline Loh2

Dear Don Bosco, thank you for including me in your Great Kidlit Showcase.  You are a wonderful advocate of Singapore literature.


SG Author Series

Slide1.JPG  Showcases “authors who have contributed to the development of Singapore’s literary landscape”. What an encouraging description! It’s an honour to be on this list.

At Wan Qing Festival

img-20191102-wa0018At Wan Qing CultureFest 2019 in Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall talking about one of my favourite subjects– lion dance.
Sorry I could not meet up with friends Leila, Moses and Malika, currently at the Singapore Writers Festival. Waiting for Amy Ng and Ning Cai to fly in.

Book Wall

all books_1019

Updated my book wall with my two latest books, Lion Boy and Drummer Girl and Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage.

Lion Boy and Drummer Girl was published in 2017 while Jade’s Quest was published in August this year. Thanks to a talk in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, I was finally spurred to revisit my woefully outdated book wall!

‘Cher! Mobile Apocalypse

The essay topic was “An unforgettable outdoor experience” and the picture was a picnic. To get my 10YO students thinking:

Me: What would you pack for an outing like this?
StudentA: My phone.

In a different class, Me: What kind of games can you play at a picnic?
StudentB: Phone games.

In yet another class, Me: If it rains on your picnic, what’s your backup plan?
StudentC: Go home and play mobile games.

Me: (losing it) Nobody will write about phones! You will all pack your wickerwork baskets with a red and white picnic mat, fluted champagne glasses and baguettes. And you will play badminton and bring a beach ball, so help me God.

StudentD: Cher! I never go for picnic, so how to write?

In my teaching journal, you won’t find tips on how to be a great teacher, as I’m no guru. What you can discover are the woes of real-life children grappling with a modern evil — tuition. 


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