We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.


I’ve decided to simply write the stories because they want to be told, and not worry about whether publishers want them or what categories they fit in.
And if they are heartstoppingly beautiful solely in my mind’s eye and will only ever have an audience of one, then so be it.



Lion Boy and Drummer Girl

Nian and the Angel of Death

A silver and grey serpent with flaking scales, overgrown toenails and halitosis crawled onto the red-tiled roof of a house overlooking the sea. The four shishi guarding the corners of the roof shook their ceramic manes nervously. His deathly wheeze unsettled them. Read the rest of this entry »

Poem-Birthday 2017

It’s my birthday
It’s been a year since my last birthday
And you remembered it?
The month? And the date?

It’s my birthday
How ever did you know?
Did you put it in your diary
Together with Christmas
And Thanksgiving?

It’s my birthday
And you want to celebrate it?
You called a few friends
And they’re coming?
They’re putting aside everything,
Just for me?

It’s my birthday
And you remembered
the kind of cake I liked –
All cream, no crust.
You put up balloons,
Colour coded the décor,
So it was all pink.

It’s my birthday
And it’s going to be the best birthday ever
It’s always the best birthday
When you celebrate with me.

Poem-Dark Lands Space-Time

A peak
An edge
You peeked.
The world–
It’s chaos.

Fragments you cannot read
Splinters you cannot predict.
You have your answer.

You can’t rally,
There’s nothing to rally.
No reserves left,
All used up in the climb.
Your jeep, your mule, your shoes…
You used them all up
In your quest.
And all you found
Was chaos.

Did it matter?
A lot.
But, now,
no more.

Sheer terror
Lived for too long
Becomes the norm.

#brightlands    #darklands




bookstreet@SMUParticipated in BookStreet@SMU on Sep 8-10 and ran a writing game where passers-by kept adding onto a spontaneous and organic story. So here it is. Change in font colour indicates change of writer. I couldn’t resist adding my editorial notes: Read the rest of this entry »

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