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Mentor Access Project 2009

Talking about Golden Point Award, I have also just submitted my entry for Mentor Access Project. (more…)

Golden Point Award 2009

I have just submitted my entry for the competition. (more…)

Luke 7:44-46

You can make yourself small
So small you can creep
Among many feet
Until you find a certain pair
And sit contemplating it.

You can make yourself meek
As meek as meek can be
Overhead, loud boasts swirl
And accusations hurl
But peace you seek
Between this pair of feet.

You can make yourself flat
As flat as a small meek hand
That slides under these feet
Though great men and great plans
Know you not
He feels, he acknowledges, your hand.

You can make yourself plain
As plain as tawny hair
on brown dusty feet
the dust away to sweep
the death of this Man to weep.

You can make yourself like death
Like myrrh to embalm the dead
You pour out yourself
Your wealth and your health
On this pair of precious feet.

We Should All Know the Armenian Genocide

We Should All Know the Armenian Genocide
By Alexis Ong
The Tween Times, 27 April 2009

I first heard about the Armenian Genocide when I read about it in Reader’s Digest. I still remember the black and white photos. They show Armenians marching with a downtrodden, hopeless air. I can’t see their faces. I read about their forced march. They had been marching for two days, there was a little boy who wanted to bring water to his family, and the water had animal urine in it. In another story, there was a gunshot, it turned out that the Turks had set a church on fire with people trapped inside and whenever people ran out of the burning building, the Turks shot them. I felt the Turks did not respect religious beliefs. The Genocide was really sad. Almost as bad as Adolf Hitler killing Jews, but without gas rooms. Why do some people do such things, why can’t people get along well with each other?

The Armenian Genocide is not the only mass killing in the world. There is also the Nanjing massacre and Adolf Hitler and the Jews. I heard about the Nanjing massacre from my mother. The Japanese killed a lot of Chinese.

I heard about the Jewish Holocaust in a social studies project with my classmates. The project is not about the Holocaust. My friend Hui Ling mentioned Adolf Hitler killing Jews, I hadn’t even known there was such a terrible event. A year later, I watched the DVD Schindler’s List, which my father bought. I don’t like watching depressing shows, and this was a very depressing show. So I did not finish watching it. I learned the Jews were treated very badly and tortured and killed by a very evil guy called Adolf Hitler.

If I ever met a person as corrupt as him, I will set up a campaign to make sure that he is not in full control, that there will be people over him who can make wise decisions. I think it is important for the young generation to learn about Hitler even though he died already, because it is important that we should not grow to be as corrupt as he was and we should learn from other people’s mistakes; we should grow into a better society where nobody holds grudges against others and we work in harmony with each other. What makes me feel most angry is why anyone in this world must have a grudge against

another. I mean, it’s stupid, innit? If there are no people angry at someone else, won’t we be so peaceful and everything??

We need to stop genocides from happening. I don’t know how, maybe we can start by studying politics. My mother asked me if The Tween Times can be used to stop genocides. I am not sure how it can be used, since The Tween Times is only circulated among a few people, and not to big countries, or to those people who with one decision can affect the entire world.

Note: This was a difficult topic, so my mother helped me by asking a lot of questions.

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