Mentor Access Project 2009

Talking about Golden Point Award, I have also just submitted my entry for Mentor Access Project. Oh dear, o dear, I really hope I qualify for a mentor this year. I was rejected last year. I need a mentor to develop this story book. I believe it can be readable, and I've researched the subject… Continue reading Mentor Access Project 2009


Golden Point Award 2009

I have just submitted my entry for the competition. Been working till 3 am on it as I seldom have an uninterrupted block of time during the day to write. You can get so immersed in a story that you feel a bit disoriented in real life. Now I am trying to adjust back and… Continue reading Golden Point Award 2009

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Luke 7:44-46

You can make yourself small So small you can creep Among many feet Until you find a certain pair And sit contemplating it. You can make yourself meek As meek as meek can be Overhead, loud boasts swirl And accusations hurl But peace you seek Between this pair of feet. You can make yourself flat… Continue reading Luke 7:44-46

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We Should All Know the Armenian Genocide

We Should All Know the Armenian Genocide By Alexis Ong The Tween Times, 27 April 2009 I first heard about the Armenian Genocide when I read about it in Reader's Digest. I still remember the black and white photos. They show Armenians marching with a downtrodden, hopeless air. I can’t see their faces. I read… Continue reading We Should All Know the Armenian Genocide