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At A Bag Sale

Red bags, black bags
Big bags, small.
Sequins for dinner
Canvas for the mall.
PC bags, Fanny packs,
Backpacks galore.

Friends buy bags, swap bags, talk bags,
Always want more.

I don’t have a bag.

Once upon a time,
His diaper bag carried all.
Where he goes, I go,
But now he’s grown.
He’s got a knapsack
And I need my own.

Branded bags, executive bags,
Gucci, Chloe, Moschino
The cashiers wonder and whisper
As I wander and snivel,
A lost soul on aisle Coccomato.

The Long Vista

A long vista.
A yellow and white picnic cloth
World under our frilly umbrella
Shoulder to shoulder
Eye to eye, we view
The long vista

First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative 2009

I am so excited about Ong Sheng Hua’s and my new book which will be launched by Straits Times Press and the National Arts Council at the Singapore Writers’ Festival on 24th October at The Arts House. (more…)

Writing Competition by Media Associates International

I was too disappointed to blog about my entry for the above event. I didn’t win! Boo hoo. (more…)

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