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Lit Up Singapore

I have been enjoying myself very much at Writers’ Connect meetings. Altho these meetings have been on for some time, i only managed to start going when i told myself I had better be serious if I want to finish writing at least 1 work of fiction! And it’s been a great incentive so far.
Anyway, as part of the package, I thot I will sign up as a member of their network, called Lit Up Singapore. Guess the title is play on the word ‘Literature’ and also lighting up Singapore with gracious language. Am I right, Christopher? Christopher Mooney is the moderator and the Writers’ Connect facilitator (I think, I haven’t asked him his title).
Anyway, so, I have a blog there too. Oh so confusing. The address is http://litupfestival.ning.com/profile/paulinelohtuanlee. I dono if it opens for public or only members.

Sooo Sad!!!

I got my news from Mentor Access Project (MAP). I didn’t qualify for the mentorship. My story wasn’t good enough. (more…)

National Day


National Day
By Alexis Ong
The Tween Times, 9 Aug 2009


Sometimes, do you feel that you want to thank Singapore for so much, but don’t know how to express it? Do you feel like you want to “keep it all in a jar”? Well, here’s how!

First, get hold of a glass jar like this:

Then get sheets of coloured paper and cut them into long rectangle pieces. Then, you can write your thanksgivings on the papers! After that, roll up the papers and drop them into the jar. Remember to write the names of the people who wrote the thanksgivings onto the papers, and DON’T lose the jar. Keep it till next year, so you can read them again next National Day and write new ones! Here are a few examples of thanksgiving notes:

I thank Singapore for…

  • An uncorrupted government
  • Being hard on drugs
  • Clean tap water
  • Keeping us safe from racial prejudice
  • Good and affordable healthcare
  • Good education system
  • Being at peace with countries around the world
  • Putting Mas Selamat away
  • Affordable school fees
  • Charitable works
  • Unity in helping East Timor
  • Preparing for the future
  • Making a good comeback after the economic downturn
  • Enforcing religious harmony
  • Social Development Unit (From my mother)
  • Housing for everyone
  • Creating jobs for many people
  • The SPUR program – a program that teaches illiterate Singaporeans new skills to help them get new jobs if they have lost theirs from the economic downturn.
  • Planting lots of trees
  • No natural disasters.

So far, we have 20 thanksgivings for Singapore. Can anyone think of 24 more to make it 44, our nation’s birthday? If you have any more, just send them (or it) to enna_ong@yahoo.com.sg and we’ll publish it in the next issue of The Tween Times!

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