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Letter to Literature Teacher

No regrets, Mr Dore. Can’t say I’m sorry, Choosing Life over words, Childbirth over enlightenment. Never had multiple inspirations, Just a single husband. He doesn’t know (I made sure) The meaning of onomatopoeia. My children don’t learn alliteration, They’re not tested in school dictation. Hosted a writer’s circle once, I was the cook. Friends know… Continue reading Letter to Literature Teacher

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The Armour Writers’ Support Group

Why did I open my big mouth to propose a writing support group? We have just conducted our first session on 19 September and I am still asking myself this question. A writing group will take up my time, doesn’t earn me money and, for tangible results, I will have to persist at it for a… Continue reading The Armour Writers’ Support Group

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Writers Group 1st Meeting

We just held our first meeting on 19 September 2009. Mission of Group: Finish Your Book! Conduct at Meetings: .       Critique with love. Don’t critique the person. .       As the receiver of critiques: Receive all criticisms with an open mind. Try not to be defensive. However, you are not obliged to follow our advice. Pick those… Continue reading Writers Group 1st Meeting

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The Little Red Helicopter Illustrations

I’m so thrilled by the children, Charlene and Kevin, that illustrator Sheng Hua has 'birthed' from my meager words in The Little Red Helicopter. I thought I would have to describe my mind pictures in tedious detail, which I did; but the Singapore Press Holdings editor mercilessly slashed it down to less than half the… Continue reading The Little Red Helicopter Illustrations