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Work Life – Employees

You are not making full use of your company work life policies! Yesterday, I pointed the finger at employees instead of everyone’s nemesis – the boss. I accuse them of not taking control of their own lives. You now jump to the defence of the underdog. You say “I have no life cos my work… Continue reading Work Life – Employees

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Work Life Balance

You know how some jobs are for money, and others are a mission? I do projects for this organisation called Employer Alliance. When I learned more about what this organisation does, I began to appreciate its importance and necessity to Singapore. And it all started by accident when I bumped into the manager while we… Continue reading Work Life Balance


The Little Red Helicopter Book Launch

The Little Red Helicopter is launched! I am a winner of the First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative 2009! This is one of the most important milestones of my life. It’s a dream come true for me to have my book published, and not even self-published; but Little Red Helicopter was acknowledged by National… Continue reading The Little Red Helicopter Book Launch

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Testimony for Rainbow Centre

Congratulations on the official opening of your Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School. When my son, Lukas, was a few months old, I noticed that he did not turn his body. He did not learn to crawl. When he was one and could stand, we noticed he did not ‘cruise’. But he was normal and alert… Continue reading Testimony for Rainbow Centre

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Thank God for Normal-Sayers

You’ve heard of ‘naysayers’ – people who habitually give negative opinions - the less of these in our lives, the better! Well, I have some Normal-Sayers in my life and I thank God for them. There’s no such word, but I feel the term is apt for these people. As a panicky person, I am… Continue reading Thank God for Normal-Sayers

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Our Middle Child

Today was one of the rare occasions when my husband and I were all alone with our middle child. The eldest was out with her friends, and the youngest was in school. “Isn’t this great? We’re finally alone with you!” I enthused to my girl. “Boring…” she answered. “But this is what it feels like… Continue reading Our Middle Child

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“Mum, Can I Stay Over?”

My daughter wants to stay over at her friend’s home. “Why don’t you invite your friends over?” I asked (because it would be my opportunity to observe her friends up close). However, she said she does not want her friends to come to our house. Again, I felt sad. I wonder if she is ashamed… Continue reading “Mum, Can I Stay Over?”

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Meeting with a Visionary

I used to think that I ought to lose myself on a godforsaken island and live like Robinson Crusoe, so I could write a book. Now I recognise that I would be so loaded with self-doubt that I would race back to the rat race, aka Singapore, in the blink of an eye, and maniacally… Continue reading Meeting with a Visionary

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Meeting with Publisher

The Writers' Support Group just had its second mtg (10 Oct) and we heard from two members who have already met with a Publisher. These are their tips on what to expect: Meet With Publisher . Bring your CV and Book Proposal. . In yr Proposal: (1) suggest 2-3 alternative Book Titles. (2) Give Chapter Outlines. Give slightly… Continue reading Meeting with Publisher