We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Congratulations on the official opening of your Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School.
When my son, Lukas, was a few months old, I noticed that he did not turn his body. He did not learn to crawl. When he was one and could stand, we noticed he did not ‘cruise’. But he was normal and alert in other ways.
I brought him to KK Hospital at 1 year old and the pediatrician diagnosed that he had weak muscles around his waist. She suggested physiotherapy or, alternatively, enroll him in a special school. My friends in early childcare business had told me the importance of early intervention. I decided to try for Rainbow. I thought the process of getting accepted would take a long time. Instead, within 2 months, Lukas was given a place here.
Although what Lukas needed was physiotherapy, Rainbow benefited him in more ways than that. It was in Rainbow that he was introduced to sensory play. He hated it. He hated the touch of sand, flour paste and paint. But his teachers were patient and yet firm. He was never let off. My heartfelt thanks to teachers Adeline Chin, Joanna Lim and Kuah Chai Hoon.
In Rainbow, he learned songs and how to recognise his name. He was exposed to music instruments, sorting toys… in fact, he learned more than his peers of the same age.
However, it was in the area of gross motor skills that I appreciated the teachers most of all. They were very patient to teach him water play and swimming. Physiotherapist May taught him to balance, to stand without holding, and finally to walk. He started walking at 19 months! Speech therapist Binu taught him to speak. He taught me many useful methods how to stimulate Lukas to string words together.
When my son started walking, I felt a burden lift from me, there was nothing else to strive for. But Teacher May disagreed; she set new goals to put him on a bike and to walk within a set of wooden squares. It was difficult because he always protested loudly. But by the time he graduated from Rainbow at 2 years old, he could balance on a tricycle (without pedaling), walk in the squares and even climb a ladder. Because she taught him to balance, he could finally sit on a potty at 2+ without fear of falling. Now he is 3+ and enrolled in First Skool. He is as normal as the other children in his class, although not as active. 
Many acquaintances have said that I was ‘kiasu’ for enrolling Lukas in Rainbow because he is not disabled. To this day, I still feel that I had made the right decision. I know that, left to myself, I would not be able to help him get over his fear of falling, I would not know how to help him to balance, to walk and to talk, and without that, he would be slow in many other things. I would have felt frustrated with him and perhaps vent my feelings on him. If I had enrolled him in a childcare centre, the teachers may not understand his slowness and he may even feel low self-esteem in the presence of other children.
So, I am grateful to Rainbow School and to the Rainbow specialists and teachers who helped Lukas and me through this challenging period of our lives. Thank you, Teachers and Physiotherapists!

Comments on: "Testimony for Rainbow Centre" (2)

  1. wow!! i’m trying to get my daughter enrolled in Rainbow Centre too, her doctors are helping us to get in. from what i’ve read here in your testimonial, i think i won’t be disappointed, should my girl get in the school.

    • paulineltl said:

      I’m glad! I don’t know the details of why you want to enrol your daughter, but Rainbow is a good school with caring teachers. If you want to tell me more about your situation or ask me details, pls do email me at pauline_ltl@yahoo.com.sg privately or just reply to this thread. I can also introduce you to a teacher from Rainbow whom I have befriended.

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