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Work Life – Employees

You are not making full use of your company work life policies! Yesterday, I pointed the finger at employees instead of everyone’s nemesis – the boss. I accuse them of not taking control of their own lives. You now jump to the defence of the underdog. You say “I have no life cos my work is so demanding!” or “I am still single cos no time to date” or “I have no time for my children,” or “Exercise? Exercise is for Mediacorp artistes and tai tais. I am a hardworking executive who gets into the office before dawn and leave when it’s dark.”

Did I manufacture all the statements above from my imagination? No, these are real reasons that people give me when I ask them why they don’t leave their office on the dot (and I talk to a lot of people; being a kaypoh middle-aged woman.)

Do you expect Work-Life to be served up to you on a silver plate? No, every salaried worker has a personal accountability to find, or carve if necessary, a Work-Life fit that enables him or her to successfully fulfill the multitude of responsibilities.

Another thing I started to discover was that many employees are clueless about their company’s Work-Life policies. They fulfill their tasks as what the boss communicated but they don’t send emails to HR asking “Besides the corporate Zoo card, what other cards do you have that we staff can use?”

When I asked my husband to call his HR department to ask about the benefits of Club membership, his eyebrows looked in danger of climbing to the 25th floor (we live on the 24th). “It’s not done,” he tries to educate this ignorant housewife.

Precisely, it’s not done, and I determine to be an instrument of change. I want to be part of the culture that helps employees, not to be greedy and grasping!, but to maximise and leverage on the Work-Life policies that their employers had already spent money creating!

Having said this, I am not doing it actively yet. Yes, I co-labour with Employer Alliance to reach out to organizations in whatever limited capacity I can manage, but now I see that there is an equal need to educate the workers too.
In my next entry on Work-Life, I gotta dig out the article that I wrote for Motherhood magazine May issue.

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