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Archive for October, 2010

When Nations Remember – Heritage Blogging

I learned another important function of blogs in “When Nations Remember”. Hope to follow in the footsteps of these Heritage Bloggers. (more…)

Writing a Book Outline

You want to write a book but how do you start? Begin with a Plan. (more…)

When Nations Remember – Day 1

When Nations Remember” – a memorable day with Singapore Memory Project. (more…)

Little Red Helicopter now on iPhone & iPad!

The Little Red Helicopter iPhone app

The Little Red Helicopter has been made into an iPhone and iPad application! Pls click Little Red Helicopter to see it on http://itunes.apple.com. It costs only 99 cts. Pls support? Show it to the little ones or just enjoy it yourself 🙂

Writers Support Group 1st Anniversary

The Writers Support Group celebrated its first anniversary on 25 Sep 2010 (Sat). (more…)

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