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WINGS Workshop

I feel privileged to share my book project ‘We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant’ at an upcoming WINGS Workshop. It is a memoir I wrote about the patriarch of my family to be passed on as a legacy to my children, nieces and nephews. It ties in with the theme of the Workshop which is intergenerational bonding between grandparents and grandchildren (and parents too). It will be held during the March holidays and there will be activities for young and old during the workshop.

• Date: Mon 12 Mar
• Time: 2 – 3.30pm
• Venue: WINGS @ #06-05 Junction 8 Office Tower, Bishan.
• Participants: Grandparents/ parents & children


WINGS (Women’s Initiative for Ageing Successfully) is a charity, society and Institution of a Public Character (IPC). It reaches out to women aged 40 and older. Its mission is to improve women’s health, wealth and happiness to prepare them to age successfully.

No More Tears – Update

Thrilled to get an update from Francis and Dorothy Chong about the book we worked on together – ‘No More Tears’.  The book, an emotional chronicle of their separation and reconciliation that has brought hope to many couples, has penetrated into USA and China.

Francis has even received news that people in Mongolia have read the book and were touched by it. There are attempts to translate the book into Mongolian language.

In early February this year, ‘No More Tears’ was featured on ‘A Slice of Life’ with Eugene Loh.

Although the Chongs have not been consciously promoting the book, yet people get to know about it. Crest Bookstore has also been asking Francis and Dorothy to give talks. The Chongs’ main purpose is for couples to be helped. Dorothy is now leading a women support group.

“There are those with father issues, like me, who have also been healed of past wounds. This book has led us to speak in Philippines and Nagaland (in India). We will be back in Nagaland around August to do a marriage workshop,” said Francis.

  To buy ‘No More Tears’ or know more about Francis and Dorothy’s ministry, logon to

Book Reading @ Chatsworth

Time to doff my editorial hat and put on the reader’s gown. It’s time for book reading! I always find book reading a refreshing change from the daily grind of abusing a computer keyboard. Reading to kindergarten toddlers demands the acting skills of a Hollywood star, the voice of Luciano Pavarotti and the stamina of Mohammad Ali.

Preschool children are the most honest of human beings. If you are boring, or worse, meandering, they will space out right in front of you. So – eye contact, tone of voice and animation – it’s all got to be there in order to engage this exacting audience.

At times like this, it’s important to go back to the basics.

Why read to a preschool audience?

It’s good to understand why one wishes to read to young children. Parents read to their children because reading is a wonderful bonding activity. Until today, my children remember the stories I read to them and even the antics I put on to make the stories come alive. Teachers read to their students to increase their literacy.

As for me, I read to kindergarten audiences because I love to see their imagination take flight. The Little Red Helicopter is really all about the imagination.

I always get asked this question whenever I read the book aloud – Is the little red helicopter real? I love the way their little brows wrinkle as they struggle with the shackles of space and time.

I would love to answer with a simple ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, to smooth those little frowns away. But I never do. Each child must take away his own interpretation of The Little Red Helicopter.

And I sincerely hope the children will let their imagination fly.


Book Reading at Chatsworth International School, 23 February.

Women Empowered for Work And Mothering (WEWAM) – Launch

We are pleased to announce that a new non-profit organisation Women Empowered for Work And Mothering, WEWAM Limited, will be launched on February 25, 2012, Saturday.  (more…)

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