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iremember goes to Toa Payoh

Singapore Memory Project is having a roadshow at Toa Payoh on Friday, 30 March 2012, 7.15 ­– 9.30 pm, at the Toa Payoh Central. I’m so excited about this because, firstly, I am a Singapore Memory Corps volunteer and, secondly, I have been a Toa Payoh resident for almost 40 years so I know it has a rich history just waiting to be chronicled.

Like, the Dragon Playground at Toa Payoh Lor 6. This playground has withstood Singapore’s frenetic pace of ‘upgrades’ (basically tearing down historical and cultural landmarks!). How does it escape the bulldozer time and time again? Does it have a protective charm? Hmm. Sets your imagination buzzing, doesn’t it?

And what was the Hub like when it was more of a spare wheel? I remember it was a fish market then, with puddles deep enough for the fish to swim in. Ahh, nostalgia.

I hope the seniors will come forward and use the Memory Booth. It’s set up like a broadcast studio, complete with camera and microphone. It looks like fun, but serves a serious function; to record a chapter of Toa Payoh that is fast being forgotten. There will also be hosts who will prompt the residents with questions. Guess who’s one of the hosts? Yup, yours truly.

There will also be performances, games, food and freebies, and outdoor screening of local short films by Tan Pin Pin & Wee Li Lin. Must support!


Refrain – Dark Lands

Thanks, Daniel Postlethwaite, lonewolfpoetry and MesAyah, for following my blog.

This piece is part of my Bright Lands story.

Dark Lands

The dark lands, the dark lands,
Bleak and blasted dry lands,
I rush through my lands,
On God’s gift to me.

Behind me, warm my back but wanely
The Bright Lands, the Bright Lands,
Farther and faintly,
Just a memory.

The Bright Lands, the Bright Lands,
Once upon a time our land.
We walked holding hands,
Him and me.

Why this gift?
Why this river?
Why this current carrying me?
Why did he let me go
Why didn’t he hold me back
Why did he say
“I’ll wait and weep…
Come back.”

#brightlands     #darklands


Between the Cracks

Falling between the cracks
Can be a bad habit.
You let one friend think you love the other more
And vice versa.
You avoid their calls, pretend you’re busy,
or sick or tired or you’re sleeping.
Then you wonder why they stopped calling
why they stopped pursuing.
Is this all there is to Love?

You start yearning.
In your free moments
(getting draggy and dreary)
you doodle the shape of it.
Then, one day you wake,
seemingly from long sleep,
and you understand it –
That you were the one who
stopped loving first.
Cos you got too tired
or too bored, it doesn’t matter
whatever the reason. But,

perfect love
starts with me
picking up the phone
putting on a smile
getting on a bus
meeting up with you.

I will do it!
Cos, falling between the cracks
has gotten to be
a bad habit.

Book: Listen to My Heart

Thoughts on Writing Listen to My Heart

As a writer for hire, you take what you’re offered. Most days, it’s soul-less annual reports and product brochures, but when you are given a project like Listen to My Heart, you re-orientate your perspective on life, you are grateful for what you have and you understand your role in the community…

Each and every of these interviewees impressed me in so many different ways. Some humbled me with their fortitude in the face of towering obstacles, others taught me lessons in contentment and gratitude. Through all their stories, I also glimpsed the helping hand of TOUCH Community Services.


Where to get “Listen to My Heart – Rediscovering Life’s Overcoming Spirit”

Synopsis:  The book tells the compelling stories of the indomitable human spirit of TOUCH’s clients who have overcome the adversities in life and found the will to live day by day with dignity and fortitude.

Through the sponsorship of this book, TOUCH Community Services (touch.org.sg) hopes to raise funds to support its programmes and services. The book is published by Write Editions (writeeditions.com).

How you can help:

You can be part of this meaningful project by sponsoring a book at a minimum donation of S$50 per book. All proceeds will be directed to TOUCH Community Services and are eligible for a 250% tax deduction. For sponsorship enquiries and collection of book/s, please call Samantha Wong or Sophia Tan at 6377 0122 or email samantha.wong@touch.org.sg or sophia.tan@touch.org.sg.


WEWAM Forum – Update

The WEWAM Forum and Launch on 25 Feb was a great success. More than 60 women attended. Of these, there were representatives from the Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations (SCWO), Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). A member of the press was also present and we hope WEWAM has given story ideas about work-life for women.

More importantly, in the audience were also a few single mums and other working mothers who desire more work-life harmony. We hope that the sharing has been helpful to them. Overall, we received good feedback. One participant said that what WEWAM is doing is important and women will benefit from it. It is good incentive for us to press on!

We are glad to have this opportunity to be of relevance to mothers in Singapore and to spread a message that women need not conform to what the world defines as success but to do what is best for ourselves and our loved ones.

We hope to conduct another forum before May as a celebration of Mother’s Day. Please subscribe to this blog to stay informed about the next training session and future activities in mothering and work related empowerment.


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