Remember Jurong/Yuhua & Win!

Just received this from Singapore Memory Project  -  This is an open call-out to submit your memory contributions of Jurong/Yuhua. If you have photos, interesting stories or videos about Jurong/Yuhua, SMP wants them! Submit your entries by 30 April & stand a chance to win $20 vouchers for the most number of submissions. You can… Continue reading Remember Jurong/Yuhua & Win!

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Passion Week Story 6

Today is Good Friday, I trust that each of you have had a meaningful time commemorating our Lord’s sacrifice for us. For my last reflection for Passion Week, I recall Adeline. I met her when we were hospitalised together, but lost touch after that. I hope she has found Christ like me and the other… Continue reading Passion Week Story 6

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Passion Week Story 5

Three million people visit Via Dolorosa every year. They go for different reasons – sightseeing, scepticism, research, pilgrimage… Only one man rushed eagerly and lovingly to his death on that road. Let us travel Via Dolorosa today and meet Christ on Golgotha. On the Road Humans give birth astride a grave. There is no meaning… Continue reading Passion Week Story 5

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Passion Week Story 4

Was Good Friday just an event in history? Or do people still experience it today? This story is semi fiction, but this man is real. At the Court I was instructed to interview this 50-year-old man for his story, not in his office or in a cafe, but at his HDB flat. That’s odd, I… Continue reading Passion Week Story 4

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Passion Week – Story 3

Around this time, Jesus went into the Garden of Gethsemane. I considered writing about other people but… the Garden is mine. Of all the events of the Passion Week, I identify most with the Garden because I know what it’s like to be the Walking Dead. I wrote about Gethesemane twice. Once in 1985 and… Continue reading Passion Week – Story 3

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Passion Week – Story 2

We draw nearer to the anniversary of our Lord's crucifixion. Here is another reminder of what He has done for us. The man in the following story does exist. There are people like him in Singapore. God bless you with His freedom. Day 1 - At the Gate Day 2 - At the Table Day… Continue reading Passion Week – Story 2

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Passion Week – Story 1

The anniversary of our Lord’s death and resurrection is here and I wondered how I can commemorate it this year. So I will worship God the only way I know how, and that is to tell a story: Was Passion Week a historical event? Or do people today still meet with the Passion Week? This… Continue reading Passion Week – Story 1