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Generation After Generation…On The Parade Ground

On 9 August this year, I watched my daughter perform on live telecast for the National Day Parade. My heart swelled with pride as I watched her, along with hundreds of 13 to 14 years old girls, perform under the auspices of my alma mater, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. (more…)

Book – Miracles Still Happen

Was pleasantly surprised to hear that 17 real-life stories that I had helped to record had been compiled into a second volume called Miracles Still Happen.


The first volume was called Miracles.








So I was full of anticipation when I collected Miracles Still Happen this afternoon and sat down with a nice cup of tea to re-read the stories.

The accounts are quite sensational and would have been hard to believe if I hadn’t spoken to the people personally. So, without going into the whys and wherefores, I simply chronicled the events as told to me.

If you are curious to know whether miracles still happen and how they happen to other people, this book is available at $15 (excluding postage). Drop me an email if you are interested 🙂

Timely Solace

This book is a timely solace because I’d just suffered a blow. I had been rejected from a competition that I was trying for a third year(!). I don’t know what it was about my entries (or myself) that disqualifies me, but I am thinking of giving up on this particular competition 😦  because it’s just too discouraging.

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