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WEWAM President Wins Prestigious Award

Congratulations to our Women Empowered for Work and Mothering (WEWAM) President Ms Yeo Miu Ean for winning the prestigious Work-Life Leadership Award 2012!

The award was given on October 12 at Ritz Carlton. This was the write-up about her in the awards ceremony: “Miu Ean finds that working mothers face some of the greatest struggles and challenges in achieving work-life harmony as they have dual roles, both as a mother and a career woman. She feels strongly that there is a need to equip these women with the knowledge on how to achieve work-life harmony. This is why she started a non-profit organisation Women Empowered for Work and Mothering (WEWAM) in 2011 to equip working and soon-to-be working mothers with the tools for better work-life harmony.”

The win was reported in the Chinese national daily Lianhe Zaobao the next day.

Congratulations, Ean! You fully deserve the recognition!

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