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Pauline Loh on the writing of her Scholastic Asian Book Award winning novel, The Locked up Boy

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Writing The Locked Up Boy



I wrote The Locked Boy in 2010 because I was hungry for a love story and I could not get my hands on one that I liked. I wrote it within a few weeks, but of course, the storyline was very rough.


In 2011, I decided to try for the Scholastic Asian Book Award competition. I anguished over the manuscript I would submit. It has to promote good values, be inspirational and universal, etc. With such a tall order, I developed just as big a mental block. My mind was blank.


Eventually, out of sheer determination, I bashed out a story on my keyboard. It had the elements on my checklist – it had a moral at the ending, was peppered with inspirational quotes and touched on universal values. There was one hitch… it was boring.


Of course, I did…

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Book Launch at Spore Writers Festival 2013

Book Launch at Spore Writers Festival 2013

Looking forward to Spore Writers Festival in November. You are cordially invited to the launch of my books on November 2 & 3.


Singapore Memory Project Memory Kit

Singapore Memory Project Memory Kit

It is a privilege to contribute to the SMP Memory Kit. This Kit helps us to record our precious memories in eight different creative formats! Learn more at http://www.iremember.sg

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