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Conversations on the High Chair #9 – Playground expert Pauline Loh gets scholastic about children’s books

Looking forward to the Launch party for “Tibby the Tiger-Bunny”. Tibby reminds me strongly of one particular 1.5 year old hopper, skipper and go-go-go person.

Mum-Mum's the Word

Pauline Loh photoToday, Mummum has the pleasure of speaking to Pauline Loh, author and freelance editor. Pauline and I first met at the Christian Writer’s Workshop organised by Armour Publishing back in 2010. She offered to start a writer’s group which I joined (my first) as I was about to embark on writing my memoir Finding My Voice and was feeling like a lonely little voice in the dark. Through Providence, we both found out a few weeks later that she had been appointed editor for my book. Since then, we have had numerous conversations where we critiqued each other’s manuscripts, including our latest titles by Epigram Books- Pauline’s Robot on My Playgroundand my Tibby the Tiger Bunny.

So, I am especially thrilled to be having this conversation with my writing partner and friend:

1. You came from a journalistic background. Tell us 3 things about your writing background from that time?


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Published Books

Did a collage of books I had written.
all books
 But that was before “Ryan the Playground Expert” was launched.

cover_Playground Expert

So now I have to do a new collage.

Robot in My Playground on Sale

Robot In My Playground

Robot in My Playground is on sale by Epigram Books – http://www.epigrambooks.sg/the-robot-in-my-playground/

Grandma’s 80th Birthday Wins in Dr Toy Award

Dr ToyA bilingual children’s picture book I wrote last year “Grandma’s 80th birthday” was part of a Chinese Starter Kit that won Dr Toy’s 100 Best Children’s Products for 2013 under the 10 Best Educational Products category:


Robot in My Playground Blogged

fm Catherine

Author Catherine Carvell blogged about the book launch at http://catherinecarvell.blogspot.sg/2013/11/singapore-writers-festival-book-launches.html?spref=fb

Tibby the Tiger Bunny roars & leaps at the Singapore Writer’s Festival

Yes, it was very special to be in the same writers group with Emily Lim, to submit our manuscripts to the same publisher and be accepted and, finally, to be launched on the same day. Nobody knows this backstory but us!

Mum-Mum's the Word

Over the weekend, Tibby the Tiger Bunny had a wonderful book launch at the Singapore Writer’s Festival. Whilst I most objectively believe it is a beautiful book (Ha!), the ‘wonderfulness’ of the launch actually had nothing to do with me or the book.

Instead, it had to do with everything else:

1. Tibby The Tiger Bunnywas launched together with Pauline Loh’s Robot on My Playground.

Through a long story of providence, Pauline and I became writing buddies. Being full-time mums, we met only on specific occasions to critique each other’s manuscripts. Tibby and Robot are special because we wrote them at the same time, exchanged critiques and submitted to Edmund Wee of Epigram Books at the same time, and our manuscripts were accepted on the same day. The marketing department slotted us to launch the books at the same time, unaware of the backstory behind them. So it…

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Ryan the Playground Expert Book Launch Nov 3

ASC_1506“Ryan the Playground Expert” was launched at the Singapore Writers’ Festival on Nov 3. My other book “Robot in My Playground” was launched yesterday.


Talking about the Book with my illustrator Ong Sheng Hua who also collaborated with me on our previous book – award winning “The Little Red Helicopter”.

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