We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Thank you, David Seow, for inviting me to embark on this Writing Process Blog Tour. I had a good time reading about all the writers who have participated in this Tour so far. David’s Tour is here.

For the Tour, I have to answer four questions, so here goes:

What am I currently working on?

I am writing my third Youth fiction. It is so exciting I hyperventilate while writing – it explodes with action, oozes with charisma and glows red-hot with romance. But, of course, all mothers are blind when it comes to their children.

You say “Third? What happened to the first two?” The first Youth story was written around 2010. Not in The Stars is finally being launched at AFCC 2014 (next week) – four years after being written. My second Youth story – chockful of action, angst and romance – is still pitifully knocking on publishers’ doors. When will it see the light?
But writers write not to be published, but for the love of spinning the story, correct? So I will continue spinning my tales. Somebody, please rescue my hard drive when I pass away.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Blog_writing process tourI will just talk about my six children’s picture books. My first book, a First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative winner (2009) – The Little Red Helicopter – is about a playground toy. Two out of three of my children’s bilingual picture books The Chronicles of Meng Meng and An An are partially set in playgrounds. I have also written The Robot in my Playground and Ryan, the Playground Expert. I have two or three more stories about playgrounds in my hard drive. My company is called Playground Stories.

I don’t know why this fascination with playgrounds. Maybe I lost something in the playground years ago which, till today, I am trying to recover?

Why do I write what I do?

all booksI’ve written ten adult non-fiction books, six children picture books and two Youth Books. My writing buddy, Emily Lim, asked a pertinent question – “Why don’t you settle on one genre?”

I guess it’s because I’m still searching for that perfect book I want to write. So, exploring the different genres is like my Pilgrim’s Progress, Journey to the West or Jason and the Golden Fleece, except not so epic.

But it will probably have something to do with God, and He’s epic enough.

How does my writing process work?

For adult non-fiction books, my content is strictly dictated by my clients. Here, interviews with people and Internet and book research count for a lot. Personal convictions and style do not enter into this at all.

So, perhaps in rebellion, my fiction works lean all the way over to the other side. I demand that my stories be true to my ideas and aspirations. I don’t really think of my readers or the publisher when I write fiction. I leave that to the artist. I tell the artist “Make the children love the book!” Poor artist.


Enough About Me

Wah, that was uncomfortable. Saying so much about myself. So, here are the next Trippers on the Writing Process Blog Tour:

Lam Chun See

Lam Chun SeeI respect Chun See a lot. I predict that his book Good Morning Yesterday will, one day, become the Authority on Singapore’s history. The original copy will be placed behind bullet-proof glass in the National Museum, protected by state-of-the-art alarm system and armed guards. So I made sure to get my copy. I don’t loan it out. Get your own copy.
Chun See’s Blog


james seah


James Seah

James Seah is 65 years old and his schedule is more packed than yours and mine combined. He learned to blog from scratch (he is not from the Internet generation) and now maintains no less than seven blogs (!), he mentors other seniors how to lead an active life, he volunteers here and he volunteers there… So that’s how we met – we are both volunteers on Singapore Memory Corps. His blog “Blog to Express” is full of interesting nuggets about olde Singapore.
James Seah Blog

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