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Writers In School Scheme

Hooray! I have just completed my first Writers in School Scheme in Nan Hua Primary School.

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A Book for Mother’s Day 2015

blogAnnouncing the publication of my newest book – Keep Calm and Mother On – 21 stories from mothers with children aged 1 to 21. (more…)

Playtime with Ye Ye Book Launch


You are cordially invited for Book Launch of Playtime with Ye Ye, a SG50 project awarded with the irememberSG Fund.

Haw Shing Yee debuts as Children’s Book Illustrator. She will launch Playtime with Ye Ye on 30 May, 4pm, at Asian Festival of Children’s Content held at the Central Library on Victoria Street.




Congrats to my Writers Group

emily catherine pauline

Best testimony for joining a writers group:
⇒Emily Lim – longlisted for Scholastic Picture Book award 2015,
⇒Catherine Carvell- finalist for SCBWI Golden Kite award 2015,
⇒Pauline Loh- shortlisted for Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book award 2015.

Parenting 101: Parenting is Giving Me a PhD in Multiple Disciplines

Emily, thank you for reviewing my newest book Keep Calm and Mother On 2! Let us have a celebratory Mother’s Day.
Emily Lim is a stay-at-home mum, an award-winning children’s book author and my friend.

Mum-Mum's the Word

If I had to sum up what I have learnt about being a parent, I would tell you this: No PhD and no amount of research or studying could have ever prepared me for parenting.

Now, as stay-at-home mum to my feisty preschooler, I have garnered so many lessons that I am certain I will one day graduate with a PhD in the following disciplines:

The Law of Imagination
Caleb is a backseat driver. On top of pretending to drive in his car seat, my 4-year old spews endless instructions like a drunken driving instructor.

“Mum, don’t stop,” he tells me when I brake at the red light.
“Let’s go!”
“Turn left!”

One day, after explaining for the umpteenth time why I had to slow down in heavy traffic, I exclaimed, “Caleb, there are many cars in front. I can’t fly over. This is not an aeroplane.”
“Um,” he…

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