We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Writers In School Scheme

Hooray! I have just completed my first Writers in School Scheme in Nan Hua Primary School.

cards I spent six sessions with six classes and helped about 240 students to create their very own books! The nine-year-old children learned about plotting their stories, creating charismatic characters and designing their own book covers.
I didn’t have to cover the basics like proper punctuation, grammar, spelling or “show, don’t tell”. The children were more than capable! The stories that emerged were interesting and varied, ranging from soccer stories, tank architect John Sherman, to kidnappings and robberies. Of course there were the requisite zombies, ghosts, fairies and pixies that all middle-schoolers are experts on. Then there were the few quirky stories that stick in the memory long after you’ve edited them, like the hero who was killed by an enraged cow…
And I loved the little notes I received at the end of the course. I shall treasure them!

Say hullo before you go :)

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