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Not in the Stars nominated

Not in the Stars Hedwig Anuar shortlist

Not in the Stars made it to Hedwig Anuar Award 2015 shortlist. What an honour!

Happy Mother’s Day


My 9 year old son’s acrostic poem for his aunt:

M   is for making me happy
O   means you are an ostrich
T   is for taking care of me
H   is for being kind hearted
E   is for her good eyes
R   means she’s always a ripe fruit.

I suggested that ‘O’ is for Outstanding, but I think students nowadays are taught to respect their own creativity, so he refused to change the word. I don’t even know about ‘ripe fruit’… 

Keep Calm and Mother On – Four Generations of Women


Nine year old Sarah Lee is one of the few privileged children to have three great-grandmothers who are still alive! In celebration of Mother’s Day, Keep Calm and Mother On presents this lively story of four generations of women.
By Phua Sze Sze (more…)

Keep Calm & Mother On – My daughter saved my life

banner1Newspaper reports have been written about Serene Lee’s bravery and example as a heart patient, but to her three children – Joash, 16, Jasher, 11 and Jazaree, 4, she is simply the mother who tries her best to love them despite her ill health.

My 11-year-old daughter saved my life. I am not exaggerating. Without her quick thinking, I would not be sitting here, writing this now. I would be… just a plaque on a marble niche. (more…)

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