We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Ye Ye On Nation Building

blog_racial harmony

Ye Ye was just a fun loving grandpa. Since when did he become an ambassador for racial harmony? In the past weeks, Ye Ye has been invited to three schools and spoke to 1000 children about Singapore’s past and racial harmony.

pasir ris chalet

The character of Ye Ye in Playtime with Ye Ye was inspired by my father-in-law Mr Ong Tien Soo. The story was sparked by this picture of Grandpa Ong building the Great Wall of China with my son.

As I’ve experienced with other storybook characters, Ye Ye has gone on to create his own path, make new friends and inspire some. I wonder, after being a multiracialism ambassador, what will he tackle next?

I am glad that, four years after my father-in-law’s passing, Grandpa Ong’s legacy continues.


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  1. paulineltl said:

    Reblogged this on PLAYTIME WITH YE YE BOOK.

  2. I read your book Not In The Stars, it was really interesting! 🙂

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