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Poem- Market Uncle

Uncle, do you notice me?
I am sitting two rows behind you
Gulping down my noodles, choking on my soup,
Cos I’m supposed to be somewhere five minutes ago.
There are one email, two sms and three missing laundry needing my attention.
Uncle, is that a glass of tea before you?
You look like you have the whole afternoon.

Uncle, didn’t I see you yesterday?
At the same table?
I’m just rushing through, buying a bun
To last me through breakfast and lunch.
Uncle, you have a new glass of tea.
It’s still full.
Your tea looks nice and hot.

Uncle, my son performed terribly in school,
I felt so small in front of the other mums.
I just needed to tell someone
While passing through
Thanks for listening
Gotta go.

Uncle, just want to tell you
I’ve got your koyok
On my shelf at home.
I’ll use it someday,
When I’m less busy, less tired,
Less poor, less sick,
More happy…
I will use it then.
I’m just stopping by
To let you know
I have it on my shelf at home.

Uncle, they tell me
You’re holding a party at the market.
Really? And everybody is invited.
Truly? Including me?
Uncle, I have three deadlines, two holes in my sofa, one broken cooker hood.
But I think…
I would very much like…
To  p a r t y.

Little Jay & Ariel at Popular


Enjoyed storytelling of Chronicles of Meng Meng and An An at Popular bookstore in Bras Basah Complex over two weekends recently.

Was amused again by the difference of  storytelling sessions in school and
in a mall. At schools, I’d have a big ‘captive’ audience, usually 30 to 40 students.

At malls, however, I have to compete with the surrounding distractions for my audience. Some days, I can get only 4 to 5 people! Then, it depends on my acting skills (!) to win more participants. At malls, I appreciate each and every child who joins me in my lonely spot at the reading corner. Thanks, friends, for your support!


I think every author should conduct storytelling in a mall occasionally beside school visits. It is a humbling experience, but it’s very satisfying because every participant is hard-won by your personal effort!

Singapore Book Awards 2016


Ryan the Playground Expert has been shortlisted for Best Children’s Title and
Keep Calm And Mother On: 21 Stories From Mothers With Children Aged 1 To 21 has been shortlisted for Best Non-Fiction Title in Singapore Book Awards 2016.



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