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Poem- Market Uncle

Uncle, do you notice me? I am sitting two rows behind you Gulping down my noodles, choking on my soup, Cos I'm supposed to be somewhere five minutes ago. There are one email, two sms and three missing laundry needing my attention. Uncle, is that a glass of tea before you? You look like you… Continue reading Poem- Market Uncle


Little Jay & Ariel at Popular

Enjoyed storytelling of Chronicles of Meng Meng and An An at Popular bookstore in Bras Basah Complex over two weekends recently. Was amused again by the difference of  storytelling sessions in school and in a mall. At schools, I'd have a big 'captive' audience, usually 30 to 40 students. At malls, however, I have to compete with the surrounding distractions… Continue reading Little Jay & Ariel at Popular