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Ye Ye in Little Day Out

Little Day Out

It was so nice of Little Day Out, a Singapore website for parents with young children, to feature Playtime with Ye Ye on their report on “Singapore Children’s Books Your Kids Will Enjoy” published on 4 August 2016. The article can be viewed at Little Day Out. (more…)

Poem-Watered Words

It’s awful when one is wrestling words every day but not actually writing. This poem was written many years ago; but with no new words coming, I guess only watered down words will do.

Watered Words

I can’t put it into words,
my ears frustrate my mind.
What taunts Nature uses against
my supposedly clever kind.

The sound is just that
a sound I can’t describe.
It condescends to explain
then snatches back, playfully sly.

It would not be ignored,
its teasing grows unkind.
The words long to burst forth
but knows not wither which way to fly.

Cowered by the ceaseless tumble
puzzled by the restless roar,
searching till it’s all too late
Oh! Gone, gone forevermore.



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