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Cover of new book



This book is really being revealed to me bit by bit. Don’t know if my heart can take it. Here’s the cover design.

From the back cover:  A Fighting Chance is a compelling tale of brotherhood, betrayal and love in the underworld.

A Fighting Chance will be available in bookstores starting from January 2017. Please support and buy a copy. I hope you will like it!



_mg_7386Singapore Writers Festival wanted an intergenerational storytelling session – something that would bond grandparents, parents and children. They chose Grandma’s 80th Birthday, which I wrote for MandarinaKids in 2012. (more…)

Launch-A Fighting Chance

blogLaunched my newest Young Adult novel A Fighting Chance at the Singapore Writers Festival 2016 on 5 November. (more…)

Fiction:Brief-Lived Butterflies

As part of my Meet the Author Assembly Talks in primary schools, there will always be one segment where, together with 5 budding authors, I create a story. I always tell the students “We’re going to tell a brand new story now that has never been told before, and will never be told again—it will fly momentarily above your heads like a scintillating butterfly and then it will flit away, never to be seen again.” (more…)

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