We write first in blood and tears, then go over in ink.

Sri KL International4As part of my Scholastic KL Book Tour on April 25-26, I spoke at Sri KL International School. At the end of my talk, as was my norm, I challenged the children, “Write a better story than mine. If it’s good, I’ll put it on my blog!”
Well, Xin Ru has taken me up on my word and sent me her tale. So here it is. Presenting…

by Chuah Xin Ru

One windy morning, twins Heron Lon and Katniss Lon were in their house.
“Hmm…,” Katniss asked,”Do you want to fly kites?”
“No,” replied Heron.
“Do you want to play hide and seek?” questioned Katniss.
“Yes, I prefer hide and seek,” replied Heron.
Off they went to count and hide. Heron hid behind the stairs. After Katniss had counted to ten, she looked around for Heron.
“Heron, where are you?” whispered Katniss.
“I won’t tell you,” answered Heron.
“Hmm…I think I know where you’re hiding,” said Katniss.
She found Heron at last, but the stairs were cracking apart! At that time, their super powers emerged. Katniss developed the power to protect things, fix things and shoot rainbows. Heron had more strength; and he could shoot lazers and control things.
“Wow!” said Heron,”We have super powers!”
When this happened, Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa were watching Heron and Katniss.
“That was amazing!” said Mom.
The twins smiled together.
The next day was their first day of school.They packed their bags downstairs.
“Good luck,” said Dad, “Hope you get a good teacher.”
“Thanks, Dad!” said the twins.
They took the bus to school. Not many people were on the bus. Katniss and Heron tried to make friends. In the end, they made ten friends.
“Time to go down!” said the bus driver.
When Katniss and Heron walked to the steps, the bus driver stopped them. She took off her clothes and revealed that she was an evil villian.
Katniss and Heron quickly attacked Evil Janis. They shot lazers and rainbows at her. But Evil Janis dodged ALL of them!
“This will end now!” shouted Heron.
Heron took a deep breath and shot one last lazer at her. BOOM! They defeated Evil Janis and all the kids on the bus were saved!
“Yay!!!” all the kids shouted, “Thanks for saving us!”
The whole school clapped for Heron and Katniss. The twins were quite shy; they whispered to each other.
“I’m too shy to say a word,” whispered Katniss.
“Me too,” chuckled Heron.
After all that, they became superheros. They made a lot of friends. They were like celebrities! Everyone wanted to be friends with them. But in the end, they were still normal children.

The End

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