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Book Review – What Was I Thinking? by Gurmit Singh

blog_200617I’m happy to announce the book launch of What Was I Thinking? this Saturday.

Date: 24 June 2017, Saturday
Time: 4pm – 5pm
Venue: Kinokuniya, Ngee Ann City

Editing the book What Was I Thinking? authored by Gurmit Singh was kind of like my swansong before I left Armour Publishing (more…)

Poem-Father’s Day

A thin cotton handkerchief
White or slightly off-white
With a severe brown trim.
No monogram, no embroidery

Squarely folded, it stayed
at attention in your left pocket.
When you took it out, it’s always
With four fingers in front
and thumb behind.

At the end of the day, it went into the wash
A clean one took its place
To battle everything the day threw at you.
Determined, disciplined,

The day you stopped using your handkerchief,
A month later, we lost you.

Did I marry for that handkerchief?
In my husband’s pocket
A clean cotton square severely folded.
White or off-white with brown trim

He’s ready to meet the day’s challenges —
Office dramas,
Sweaty children,
A wife who forgets tissues.

At the end of a day,
I clear the handkerchief
Out of his left pocket
And breathe in the scent
The scent at once ancient and new —




Poem – Dark Lands coin

The coin of my hirer
Is shiny and endlessly amusing
For this coin
I rove the Dark Lands
And forget my home.

Wait… let me tarry
Let me earn more.

One coin for my sanity
One coin for my pride
One coin to tell you I’m somebody
And the last—for my next breath.

When I have spent that
Then that’s all.


#brightlands   #darklands



Poem – The Bright Lands

The Bright Lands
I am its citizen
Surely I can write its anthem
Surely I’m best fit to sing its song? (more…)

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