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Day of Good News

blogFeb 15 was a day of good news for me. (more…)

Ye Ye featured in Honeykids

honeykidsThank you, Honeykids, for an insightful write-up on Playtime with Ye Ye. Reading your review, I felt as if you’ve sat through one of my book readings! You seem to understand exactly what is on my heart for this book! Thanks!

To read the original story, go to Honeykids.


Ye Ye back in preschool

Haha, no, Ye Ye is not going back to school as a student. He’s resuming his talks in preschools and kindergartens. This year, there is added impetus for visiting the young ones, because he wants to tell them all about the Bicentennial years, which are featured in his book!
blog_010219We visited Pat’s Schoolhouse at Sixth Avenue on January 30 and received our first appreciation gift! Thanks, Pat’s Schoolhouse!

#SGBicentennial  #PlaytimeWithYeYe

Read about Ye Ye in primary schools.

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