Teaching Stuff

’Cher! My students’ cute errors

My creative writing students occasionally make adorable gaffes. Here’s an example: I normally discourage my students from tackling death as it is a sensitive topic, and children may come across as flippant because they have little life experience with death and grief. However, one of my students, let’s call her RT, is a very capable… Continue reading ’Cher! My students’ cute errors

Book Stuff

Jade’s Quest Inspiration

A question that always pops up during Author Visits is: “How do you find inspiration for your stories?” Well, I will try to document my journey of creating Jade. During my Author Visits, I often tell my audience, “Look at the person beside you, really look at them. Can you write a story about this… Continue reading Jade’s Quest Inspiration


Jade’s Quest Book Launch

On 8 August 2019, I was invited to the Book Launch of Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage at Singapore Chinese Girls’ School. After labouring on this book for half a year, I am extremely relieved and satisfied to see it in print. On the day itself, I invited my daughter Maxine to join me for… Continue reading Jade’s Quest Book Launch


Philippines Book Summit

I was invited to speak at Philippines Book Summit held on 17 July, 2019. I took it very seriously as, way back in January this year, I had prayed that I would be able to participate in at least 1 overseas conference this year. So Philippines Book Summit was a prayer come true!    … Continue reading Philippines Book Summit

Writing Stuff

Some Things Need to Go Away

In the past months, I’ve tackled one responsibility after another—Mum’s and Aunt’s hospitalisations, my job, a book’s printing stage and editing another book of 35,000 words. I am so behind on everything that I am just playing catch-up. I should have blogged my Philippines Book Summit participation and producing Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage, but—responsibility… Continue reading Some Things Need to Go Away