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Jade’s Public Book Launch

1I thank God for the favour from Asian Festival of Children’s Content, Singapore Chinese Girls’ School and the illustrator of Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage, Heng Li Ching, for a successful public book launch on September 8, 2019.  

I felt the favour the most when I took the lift up to the elegant Pod on the 16th floor and was greeted by a vast space. I can’t say it better than Li Ching, so I’ll quote her!

Li Ching – We had been allocated a huge space at the very exclusive “Pod”. Although picturesque and gorgeous, it meant that we would have virtually no walk in traffic. So when this crowd turned up on a Sunday afternoon, so close to siesta time too, I was overwhelmed and super thankful. It really felt like a wedding! (I hope you’ll come for my next one! Hahaha)

IMG-20190908-WA0044 DSC_8496

authors DSC_8497

DSC_8521  IMG-20190908-WA0047

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