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Where Did That Book Go? Loving Mum Forever

pic big group.jpgThis book sells year after year!

I co-authored Loving Mum Forever with Ean Yeo in 2013. It has been six years since we launched this book on Mother’s Day in our Women Empowered for Work and Mothering (WEWAM) Forum. Let’s hear from Ean where that book has gone.

PL: How many copies of Loving Mum Forever have been sold?
EY: We sold more than 2000 copies. Every time we conduct a Forum, which is once every three months, the book would be sure to sell. 20 or 30 copies each time. We don’t keep the proceeds. The revenue of the book sales goes towards our non-profit organisation, WEWAM.

PL: Many of the buyers are repeat customers. Why did they return to buy more copies?
EY: They read the book and it resonated with them. Many of them feedback that they could see themselves in the real-life stories depicted between its covers. They put our tips into practice. They found the advice realistic and workable, so they buy the book for their friends. I feel this is the greatest endorsement for our book. I’ll let one of our frequent buyers, Nancy Foo, tell you more.

pic small groupPL: Nancy, how many copies of Loving Mum Forever have you purchased so far? And why?
NF: I’ve bought 75 copies with funds donated by a sponsor. The books are given as gifts to the mothers in our autism parent support group who attend WEWAM Work-Life Success workshops. It provides supplementary reading to what they’d learnt in the course.

PL: Nancy, do you think Loving Mum Forever benefited your recipients?
NF: Yes! By empowering our special mothers, our special needs children are helped. One of our mothers, Vinatha, told me, “When I feel tired or upset, reading Loving mum Forever acts like an energy drink. I learnt from the journeys of these successful working mothers with their kids.”

PL: How about you personally, Nancy? Which part of the book inspired you the most?
NF: I like the encouragement and advice offered at the end of each woman’s narration, as well as the handy Fridge Magnet Quotes that offer pocket inspirations.

PL: Ean, let’s talk about your unique Slice of Life concept. It really helped me to understand women’s seasons and your descriptions are so uncannily accurate. How did you think of this idea?
EY: I decided to talk about Slice of Life because of my own experience juggling work and mothering two children (who are now young adults). Over the years, I have formulated and finetuned this resource. Not every woman can have ideal circumstances like supportive spouses, obedient children, efficient helpers and understanding bosses. The reality is that we struggle occasionally, and we have to find unique solutions to our situations with whatever resources we have. Slice of Life challenges us to make hard decisions if necessary—like ramping down a demanding career, or re-entering the workforce after years of staying home.

PL: I can hear your passion for women to succeed at both work and parenting. Do you feel that you have achieved this purpose with Loving Mum Forever?
EY: Yes, I believe the book has achieved its purpose. Some readers tell me that they have made changes to their lives ever since they’d read the book. There is more than one way to handle work and mothering challenges. I am especially happy when readers catch the spirit of the book, which is that ‘success’ can be defined on our own terms and it is our choice how we define success.

Thank you, Ean, for inviting me to form WEWAM with you and for driving this book project. I’ve been hounding you to write another book. So, when can we start?!

Where can people get the book?

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“When a book is published, it goes on to lead its own life, walk its own path, travel to places, meet people, make friends, change some.” (Pauline Loh)

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