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Ye Ye On Nation Building

blog_racial harmony

Ye Ye was just a fun loving grandpa. Since when did he become an ambassador for racial harmony? In the past weeks, Ye Ye has been invited to three schools and spoke to 1000 children about Singapore’s past and racial harmony. (more…)

Keep Calm and Mother On Member Gets a New Heart

Serene Lee

Congratulations to Serene Lee. She successfully went through a heart transplant on 30 July. I previously featured Serene’s story “My Daughter Saved My Life” on this blog. The most recent issue of the magazine Simply Her also has an article on her.

Serene is a brave mother and an inspiration to heart patients and LVAD patients. Now, I guess she will go on to be an inspiration to the heart transplant community as well.

You go, girl!

Condolences to Keep Calm and Mother On Member, Janie Siah

blogMum Janie Siah bravely contributed a story to Keep Calm and Mother On – 21 Stories from Mothers of Children aged 1 to 21. Her story “Moving beyond Osteosacoma” was featured in Chapter 14 of the book.

We are sad to announce that her daughter, Kristie Teo, has passed away on 28 July. Our hearts go out to the Teo family.

Happy Mother’s Day


My 9 year old son’s acrostic poem for his aunt:

M   is for making me happy
O   means you are an ostrich
T   is for taking care of me
H   is for being kind hearted
E   is for her good eyes
R   means she’s always a ripe fruit.

I suggested that ‘O’ is for Outstanding, but I think students nowadays are taught to respect their own creativity, so he refused to change the word. I don’t even know about ‘ripe fruit’… 

Keep Calm and Mother On – Four Generations of Women


Nine year old Sarah Lee is one of the few privileged children to have three great-grandmothers who are still alive! In celebration of Mother’s Day, Keep Calm and Mother On presents this lively story of four generations of women.
By Phua Sze Sze (more…)

Keep Calm & Mother On – My daughter saved my life

banner1Newspaper reports have been written about Serene Lee’s bravery and example as a heart patient, but to her three children – Joash, 16, Jasher, 11 and Jazaree, 4, she is simply the mother who tries her best to love them despite her ill health.

My 11-year-old daughter saved my life. I am not exaggerating. Without her quick thinking, I would not be sitting here, writing this now. I would be… just a plaque on a marble niche. (more…)

Thank you, Mr Lee Kuan Yew

You are ten years older than my father. I guess my generation was the most impacted by your national policies. When I was a child, you were a vibrant man in your prime. I was surrounded by you. (more…)

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