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Women Empowered for Work And Mothering (WEWAM)

We are pleased to announce that Women Empowered for Work And Mothering (WEWAM) has been successfully registered and has conducted its inaugural Forum.

The non-profit organisation was registered in October 2011. It was set up with the following objectives:

1. To provide training, programmes and other services to equip working women to better perform their roles at work and in mothering.
2. To become profitable so that sponsorship can be made to support programmes such as training for working mothers in disadvantaged situations.
3. To provide opportunities for women to give support to working mothers in need.


We conducted our first Forum for women on November 5, 2011. More than 40 women attended the event that comprised a talk as well as sharing sessions. The talk is conducted by Ms Yeo Miu Ean, an experienced Work-Life champion as well as one of the directors of WEWAM. Professional guest speakers will also lend their insights.

WEWAM plans to conduct the Forum on a regular basis. Briefly, the Forum focuses on:

• Identifying one’s current roles in life and how one is coping.
• How to be empowered at work and in mothering.
• Exploring different work options to create Work-Life Harmony.

The Forum is particularly beneficial for working mothers, stay-at-home mothers who are thinking about returning to the workforce and women who wish to keep their market value while taking time out to nurture their families.

WEWAM’s Future Activities

WEWAM will be organising its second Forum in the first quarter of 2012. It will also partner like-minded organisations to conduct talks on parenting and women’s issues.

Writers’ Group

I have been in a Writers’ Group since 2010. I am proud that, from our small group, three books have already been published, and one more will be published in 2012. From reading each other’s works, we have developed a close friendship.

Singapore Memory Project

I am honoured to be appointed a Singapore Memory Project Ambassador.

Singapore Memory Project is a national initiative to collect, preserve and provide access to the memories of our nation.

Through the collection and documentation of Singapore memories, the SMP aims to build a national collection of content in diverse formats that will be preserved and made available for discovery and research.

As part of my volunteer duties, I interview and write articles. Exciting projects include interviewing a survivor of the harrowing 1972 Robinson’s Department Store Fire; and interviewing a prominent official of the Football Association of Singapore about Malaysia Cup 1994.

I also completed a personal project writing up a memoir of my father-in-law titled “We Stand on the Shoulders of a Giant”.


Book Reading

Winning an award for my children’s book gave me the wonderful opportunity to read it aloud at book fairs and kindergartens. I wish I can be a full-time storyteller! What a magical career!


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