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front cover-191119Lion Boys and Fan Girls

Category: Young adult fiction. Book series
Publisher/Year: Epigram Books, 2020
ISBN: 9789814845717
Price: $16.90
Synopsis: Prome has taken over the popular Lion Legends as the Principal Lion Head and big brother. Taking his new role very seriously, he decides to make a pact with his loyal lion partner Mercury to ban dating and concentrate on their careers. But their plans go awry when both meet two curious girls with strong personalities. Meanwhile, the Legends find themselves under attack. First it was cyberbullying, then a garbage bomb and an almost fatal food poisoning. Why is this anti-fan targeting Prome and Mercury?
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Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage

cover (2)

Category: Illustrated book for children aged 8 and above.
Publisher/Year: Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, 2019.
ISBN: softcover – 978-981-14-1958-4; hardcover – 978-981-14-1912-6
Price: $20

Synopsis: Jade lives in a loveless and joyless world. One day, she meets a girl who is lost. Going out of her way to help Andrea, Jade unknowingly embarks on a quest for her heritage. In her adventures with Andrea, she learns about Peranakan roots, art and history. Most importantly, she experiences friendship and family love.
This book commemorates Singapore Chinese Girls’ School ‘ 120th Anniversary and the Singapore Bicentennial. It won sponsorship from National Heritage Board and Singapore Bicentennial.
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Lion Boy and Drummer Girl   


Category: Young adult fiction. Book series
Publisher/Year: Epigram Books, 2018
ISBN: 9789814785105
Price: $16.90
Synopsis: Lion dancers are the new sensations in Asia, and none are as charming or handsome as US import Ricky Ang. But while the rest of the Leopop boys aspire to be the lion head, Ricky would rather goof around as the big head doll.
Ironically, drummer girl Ong Ying Ying is the biggest cynic of this Leopop wave. “Don’t fall for a lion dancer,” her mother had always warned her. “He will break your heart.”
This book was longlisted for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2016.

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Shaped for A Purpose         


Category: Adult non-fiction, Biography
Publisher/Year: Armour Publishing, 2017
ISBN: 978-981-47-6559-6
Price: $19.26
Synopsis: Sherena Loh was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at an early age. Muscular dystrophy is a debilitating disease in which the muscles progressively weaken and can even result in early death. Despite her severe disability, she went on to form the Muscular Dystrophy Association (Singapore) and is currently the Executive Director.
Read Mummywee  review.

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A Fighting Chance

front cover

Category: Young adult fiction
Publisher/Year: Scholastic, 2016
ISBN: 9789811110122
Synopsis: Alan Chung was just a teenager when he formed his own secret society. He has many enemies but only two people could have betrayed him, his sworn brother Bei Lung or his right hand man, Old Man Ong.
After being thrown in prison he watched impotently as first his gang, and then his girl, Gigi Toh, were taken away from him. Like the layers of an onion, his authority, control and confidence were stripped away. What will be left of Alan?
This is a tale of brotherhood, betrayal and love in Singapore’s underworld.
Read FilbertandFluff review.
#YA #yalit #singlit #SG4secondchances

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Playtime with Ye Ye


Category: Children’s picture book, SG50.
Publisher/Year: Self-published, 2014
ISBN: 978-981-09-1238-3
Price: $10
Synopsis: Ye Ye has a strange and enjoyable way of sharing history with his grandson. Through play, he talks about immigrating to Singapore, the Japanese Occupation and Singapore’s independence. He makes a mess of the living room, but his grandson loves Ye Ye’s history lessons!
This book is part of Singapore’s 50th Anniversary (SG50) celebrations and won irememberSG Fund.
Website: Playtime with Ye Ye.

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Keep Calm and Mother On – 21 Stories from Mothers with Children Aged 1 to 21


Category: Adult non fiction. Parenting. Mothering. Book series
Publisher/Year: Armour Publishing, 2015
ISBN: 978-981-4668-31-6
Price: $18
Synopsis: A mother goes through so much. All the things she does every day—worldshaking or tiny—do count! Let this book inspire you to celebrate motherhood and encourage you to Keep Calm and Mother On! With contributions from 21 mums with children aged one to 21.
The second book in the Keep Calm and Mother On series, this book was awarded Singapore Book Awards Best Non-Fiction Title Finalist (2016).
Read reviews: Lil Blue Bottle , Mummumstheword , Lifeisinthesmallthings
Growing Hearts 123 , MummyWee , Kids ‘R’ Simple

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Keep Calm and Mother On: The 399 Best Things Ever Said About Motherhood


Category: Adult non fiction. Parenting. Mothering. Book series
Publisher/Year: Armour Publishing, 2014
ISBN: 978-981-4597-18-0
Price: $15
Synopsis: Mothers do so much! And, many times, we feel we’re doing it all alone! At such times, it would be wonderful to have a handy pocket-sized companion whispering to us, “Hey, you’re doing okay.”
Watch the interview.
Read reviews: EG , Mummumstheword

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Not In the Stars

Category: Young adult fiction.
Publisher/Year: Scholastic, 2014
ISBN:  978-981-07-9241-1
Price: $6
Synopsis: Both Mui and Justin are haunted by a mysterious past. Justin was a kidnapping victim years ago, and still faces nightmares, while Mui comes to work as a servant at his house, believing she can help him. But there is more to the story than Mui initially reveals. Why does she seem strangely familiar to Justin? And what is the link between these two very different people who are both troubled by past experiences?
It’s a Scholastic Asian Book Award Finalist 2012 and shortlisted for Hedwig Anuar Children’s Book Award 2015.

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The Little Red Helicopter

cover_little red helicopter

Category: Children’s picture book
Publisher/Year: Straits Times Press, 2009
ISBN: 978-981-4266-36-9
Synopsis: Charlene and Kevin love playing with the little red helicopter in the playground.    But is there more to it than meets the eye?
The Little Red Helicopter is a winner of First-Time Writers
and Illustrators Publishing Initiative 2009.

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The Chronicles of Meng Meng and An An 

Grandma’s Eightieth Birthday

cover_Grandma 80th birthday

Category: Children’s picture book, bilingual book, book series
Publisher/Year: MandarinaKids,   2012
ISBN: 978-981-07-1530-4
Price: $22
Synopsis: It’s Grandma’s 80th Birthday! But it looks like the family cannot celebrate together because everybody seems too busy or sick. Meng Meng and An An work hard to solve the problem and get the family together. This flap book is also part of a kit that won a Dr Toy award. This blingual book, accompanied by an audio CD, fulfills a great need in Singapore for children to learn two languages in a fun manner.
Read reviews: The New Age Parents
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Little Jay Writes an Adventure

Little Jay Writes an Adventure_hi res

Category: Children’s picture book, bilingual book, book series
Publisher/Year: MandarinaKids,              2013
ISBN: 978-981-07-6180-6
Price: $22
Synopsis: Meng Meng and An An resolve to find ways to help their cousin Little Jay overcome his challenges to read Mandarin. There is a subtle infusion of Confucian virtues like filial piety, respect to elders, love and care for others in the series. Includes an audio CD.
Read reviews: Universal Scribbles

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Ariel and Her Honesty Pig

Ariel and Her Honesty Pig_cover

Category: Children’s picture book, bilingual book, book series
Publisher/Year: MandarinaKids, 2014
ISBN: 9789-8107-9660-0
Price: $22
Synopsis: Ariel has a weak leg and thinks that children will not wish to be friends with her. She tells a lie about having many friends. Meng Meng and An An help Ariel learn the value of honesty and friendship. This book uses flaps; Simplified Chinese characters and hanyu pinyin are displayed on top while the passage hidden under the flaps are in English. This helps native English readers to focus on the Chinese text before moving onto the English words to better understand the story.
Read reviews: BubbaMama , The Wacky Duo , The Chill Mom , Beverly’s Net.

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Ryan the Playground Expert

cover_playground expert

: Children’s picture book. Special Needs.
Publisher/Year: Straits Times Press, 2013
ISBN: 978-981-4342-47-6
Synopsis: Ryan has muscular dystrophy, but he does not let his illness define him. He has a daring dream – he wants to visit every playground in the country! He became a playground expert and was invited to design a perfect playground! This story helps young readers to develop compassion for people with disabilities and also challenges them to dream big! It appeals to young children with its playground theme.
The book won second prize for Samsung KidsTime Author’s Award (2015) and Singapore Book Awards Best Children’s Title Finalist (2016).

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Robot in My Playground


Category: Children’s picture book.
Publisher/: Epigram Books
Year: 2013
: 978-981-07-5583-6
Synopsis: Lucas loves robots, particularly the robot in his playground which he believes came from outer space. One night, a thunderstorm powered up the robot, ENDO. He could move and speak. What do you think will happen when Lucas meets ENDO?
Robot in My Playground won second prize in Samsung KidsTime Author’s Award 2015.
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Loving Mum Forever – Women Empowered for Work and Mothering

Loving Mum Forever

Category: Adult non fiction. Parenting. Mothering. Work life harmony.
Publisher/Year: WEWAM, 2013
ISBN: 978-981-076-160-8
Price: $10
Synopsis: Tips on work-life and showcases inspiring stories of women in different seasons of life who achieved harmony in work and in their family.
Read review: WEWAM 

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The Courage to Believe – Unlocking Life’s Second Chances

YRP Book

Category: Non fiction. Commemorative Book.
Publisher/Year: Singapore Prison Service, 2013
ISBN: 978-981-07-7760-9
Not for sale.
Synopsis: This book is about unlocking life’s second chances for ex-offenders to help them find new lives beyond prison walls. Commemorating its 10th Anniversary, this book chronicles the challenges and milestones of Yellow Ribbon Project. It features ex-offenders whose tranformed lives are testament to the relentless work and contribution of the people supporting them. Reverberating with grit, resolve and hope, the stories will set your heart ablaze to extend your hands in unlocking second chances for ex-offenders. It was a privilege for me to be commissioned to write this book.
Read about it.
You can download the e-book.

The Joy of Service – Toi Boon How


Category: Non Fiction, Biography
Publisher/Year: Write Editions, 2013
ISBN: 9789810752330
Synopsis: In this deeply personal and delightful memoir, Toi Boon How, in his inimitable wit, gentleness and grace, reminisces his over 80 years of his life – from his humble childhood kampong days to being a businessman and grassroots leader serving the community. Readers young and old from all walks of life will be able to take a leaf from Toi’s life story.
Read about it.

No More Tears – Reconciliation after Adultery

No More Tears1

Category: Non fiction, biography, marriage, adultery, Christian.
Publisher/Year: Armour, 2009
ISBN: 9789814222860
Price: $14
Synopsis: Adultery is a cruel betrayal of trust, and trust once broken is hard to mend. But, once in a while, something broken can be repaired and emerge stronger and better than before. Francis Chong and Dorothy Ew thought their marriage was beyond redemption. Adultery, anger, jealousy and sabotage separated them for four long years. This story of their incredible journey back into each other’s arms is an inspiration for all hurting couples and good counsel for those who wish to keep their marriage strong.
Read about it.

Buy from Amazon and LocalBooks. Get the Chinese book here. It is also available as e-book.

P.O.S – Parents over Shoulder Cover-P.O.S-WriteEditions2013-331x500

Category: Non fiction. Internet and children. Cyberwellness. TOUCH Youth.
Publisher/Year: TOUCH Community Services, 2013
ISBN: 9789810756086
Not for sale.
: A collection of stories from the youth’s point of view about cyber wellness – an issue of increasing importance in hyper-connected Singapore. This book was commissioned by TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW) and used as a resource in its cyber wellness education.
Read about it.

Got a Life?

cover_got a life

Category: Non fiction. Parenting Internet and children. Cyberwellness. TOUCH Youth.
Publisher/Year: TOUCH Community Services, 2013
ISBN: 978-981-07-4611-7
Not for sale.
Synopsis:  A collection of real-life stories of youths in their teens written for their parents. The book describes cyber issues and how young people overcome them. Written in a candid way, each chapter captures different cyber dangers, such as gaming addiction, online scams and even sexual harassment. It also features practical tips from cyber wellness counsellors. For parents and teachers, the ready-to-use instructions will help them guide their teens and students to make safe, smart, and ethical decisions in the digital world, in order to stay cyber safe and cyber well.
Read about it at TOUCH  and Write Editions.

The Singapore Memory Project Memory Kitmemory kit (1)

Category: Non fiction, iremembersg, manual
Publisher/Year: National Library Board, Singapore, 2013
ISBN: 9789810761646
Synopsis: I contributed only one topic to this Kit, called “Sharing of Personal Experience”. Learn ow to capture memories in eight different ways and embark on personal memory projects with friends and family. Share your memories with future generations through the Singapore Memory Project.

You can download the e-book.

Caring for Seniors

TSAC cover

Category: Non fiction, elderly, senior activity centre, manual
Publisher/Year: TOUCH Community Services & National Council of Social Service, 2012
ISBN: 978-981-07-3532-6
Price: $25
Synopsis: This guidebook is written to inspire and impart knowledge, skills and experiences for Seniors Activity Centres (SACs) staff. This book is essential in view of the ageing population. The contents have been produced by one of SAC pioneers in Singapore, TOUCH Seniors Activity Centre.
Read about it.

No More Cocoa – A Children’s Story about Pneumococcal Disease

Category: children’s information booklet, health, pneumococcal disease
Publisher/Year: Pfizer Singapore, 2011
Not for Sale.
Synopsis: A pair of young siblings find out what pneumococcal disease is and how they can be protected against it. Includes a Parents’ Guide. I was commissioned by Pfizer Singapore, through Edelman, to write this educational children’s story. It was published as part of a national education programme focused on pneumococcal disease and the importance of vaccination. It was given to children in preschools like My First Skool. The book won a Certificate of Excellence from PR Awards Asia 2011.

Upbeat – a quarterly publication by Employer Alliance

Synopsis: Employer Alliance is a network of corporations committed to create an enabling work environment to enhance work-life integration. Upbeat is one of its tools to equip members with Work-Life Integration knowledge.
Involvement: I feel it is important that working parents like myself be given help to balance work, family and personal growth. So I am grateful to Employer Alliance for this opportunity to contribute to an improved Singapore lifestyle.

Beauty Defined – Becoming a Disciple of Christ

Synopsis: Commissioned by Equipping Leaders for Asia, these two workbooks help single and married women to become more effective disciples of Christ. They cover important areas of our lives like spiritual growth, attitude to work, effectiveness as parents and balancing priorities.
Involvement: Compiled these lessons based on Cynthia Heald’s excellent series of devotional books and Tim Elmore’s Habitudes.

Our Very Own – Stories Celebrating Adoptive Families

Synopsis: A compilation of inspiring stories about love, the courage to love and how adoptive parents overcome obstacles and challenges to become a family with their chosen children. A very useful book for couples considering adoption or for readers who simply want to be inspired by extraordinary love. It is available by mail order from TOUCH Community Services or you can buy the book at the TCS office. Produced by Write Editions.
Involvement: Another book that brought tears to my eyes as I edited it… even after reading it several rounds. One begins to understand the quote “Adoption is another word for love”.

Watch dramatic readings of Playtime with Ye Ye and Robot in My Playground.

Besides books, I also worked on various websites. SNEF’s portal on Re-employment of Older Workers deserves mention. See it on http://www.re-employment.sg

I wrote two series on Pregnancy Tips and Baby Development for iPhone applications. They were commissioned by Huggies. Thanks, Sumeet!

Thanks also to Matthew Lim, Jimmy Tan and Fpix for patiently guiding me to improve on my video scripts.

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