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The Penultimate Stop


Thanksgiving. Grateful for my Writers’ Group–The Penultimate Stop. There are just 3 of us – Lianne Ong, award winning author of Stacey & the Museums series, Lucy Cheng, a closet writer with an exquisite vocabulary, and me. But just in one year, we have clocked these achievements:




  1. Singapore Hawker Food – written, critiqued and published (Armour).
  2. The Hunted Lion – sequel to “Lion Boy and Drummer Girl” (Epigram), written, critiqued and sent to publisher.
  3. Three picture books for a series for Special Needs – written, critiqued and with publisher now. Will update when it is published!
  4. A 5000-word financial drama – written, critiqued and submitted for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2018.
  5. An illustrated book celebrating Spore’s Bicentennial 2019 – written and being critiqued.


Workshop – Passionate Pen


On October 15, Armour Publishing organised a writers’ workshop called The Passionate Pen to commemorate its 25th anniversary. (more…)

A desk at Armour Publishing


Since January, I have been working part-time in Armour Publishing as an editor. I wanted a job reading manuscripts, dotting some ‘i’s and crossing a few ‘t’s, then go home promptly at 6 pm. However, it’s been more like an express train the past months, with stops only to hit press. (more…)

Playtime with Ye Ye @Imagine Native-Creative Fest


I’m thankful for the full turnout at the Playtime with Ye Ye storytelling at Imagine Native-Creative Fest for Kids at S.E.A. Aquarium on 5 June. There were more than 50 children in the room! We didn’t have enough paper, pencils and colour pencils! (more…)

Keep Calm and Mother On

Launched my newest book Keep Calm and Mother On, published by Armour Publishing, in time for Mother’s Day 2014:

Keep Calm and Mother On

Launched it at Women Empowered for Work and Mothering Forum on May 3.


Was featured in Straits Times Life! on May 9.


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