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The Penultimate Stop

Thanksgiving. Grateful for my Writers’ Group--The Penultimate Stop. There are just 3 of us – Lianne Ong, award winning author of Stacey & the Museums series, Lucy Cheng, a closet writer with an exquisite vocabulary, and me. But just in one year, we have clocked these achievements:       Singapore Hawker Food – written,… Continue reading The Penultimate Stop


Workshop – Passionate Pen

On October 15, Armour Publishing organised a writers’ workshop called The Passionate Pen to commemorate its 25th anniversary. The focus was on memoir writing. It was Armour’s first workshop after quite a few years. We were honoured to have award-winning author Colin Cheong to be our workshop speaker. He is also my ex-colleague from The New… Continue reading Workshop – Passionate Pen

Book Stuff

A desk at Armour Publishing

Since January, I have been working part-time in Armour Publishing as an editor. I wanted a job reading manuscripts, dotting some ‘i’s and crossing a few ‘t’s, then go home promptly at 6 pm. However, it’s been more like an express train the past months, with stops only to hit press. In between hitting press… Continue reading A desk at Armour Publishing


Playtime with Ye Ye @Imagine Native-Creative Fest

I'm thankful for the full turnout at the Playtime with Ye Ye storytelling at Imagine Native-Creative Fest for Kids at S.E.A. Aquarium on 5 June. There were more than 50 children in the room! We didn't have enough paper, pencils and colour pencils! A big batch of students in familiar yellow 'TYS' t-shirts attended. Well, TOUCH… Continue reading Playtime with Ye Ye @Imagine Native-Creative Fest