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Ye Ye commemorates SGBicentennial

    Hot on the heels of the Singapore Bicentennial launch last night (Jan 28), Ye Ye has kicked off his own Bicentennial celebrations by visiting Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. The school was focusing on the Bicentennial this week, so the teachers had kindly invited us to present Ye Ye’s experience of Singapore history.… Continue reading Ye Ye commemorates SGBicentennial



Will be doing pop up reading and speed date with teachers at AFCC this year. I will be reading an excerpt from Lion Boy and Drummer Girl on Sep 6 (Thu) at 1pm. If you're coming to AFCC on September 6 & 7 around lunch time, let's catch up!


KL Book Tour – The Two Heroes

As part of my Scholastic KL Book Tour on April 25-26, I spoke at Sri KL International School. At the end of my talk, as was my norm, I challenged the children, "Write a better story than mine. If it's good, I'll put it on my blog!" Well, Xin Ru has taken me up on… Continue reading KL Book Tour – The Two Heroes


Scholastic KL Book Tour

So grateful to Scholastic for making my wish come true! I wanted to present my books A Fighting Chance and Not in the Stars in Malaysian schools, so on April 25-26, Scholastic arranged for me to speak in three schools - Tenby International School, Idrissi International School and Sri KL International School. I had a… Continue reading Scholastic KL Book Tour

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Fiction:Brief-Lived Butterflies

As part of my Meet the Author Assembly Talks in primary schools, there will always be one segment where, together with 5 budding authors, I create a story. I always tell the students “We’re going to tell a brand new story now that has never been told before, and will never be told again—it will… Continue reading Fiction:Brief-Lived Butterflies