At Wan Qing Festival

At Wan Qing CultureFest 2019 in Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall talking about one of my favourite subjects-- lion dance. Sorry I could not meet up with friends Leila, Moses and Malika, currently at the Singapore Writers Festival. Waiting for Amy Ng and Ning Cai to fly in.

Book Stuff

Ryan a Career Counsellor?

Ryan the Playground Expert spoke to a group of job-seeking undergrads. A non-profit organisation called Talent Link invited me to speak to a group of undergrads on the topic of “Do a job you love over a job you can do”. As I am a local children’s book author, the best way to introduce myself… Continue reading Ryan a Career Counsellor?


BookFest @ Malaysia 2015

I attended the BookFest in Kuala Lumpur on July 12 to give a talk about Not In the Stars. This is my first time making an Author Visit in KL. I took the opportunity of the visit to catch up with my Scholastic editor Daphne Lee. She was gracious and spent quite a few hours… Continue reading BookFest @ Malaysia 2015


Author Visit @Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

A happy coincidence! I usually show this slide as part of my Assembly Talk for Not In the Stars. It shows my children's picture book Ryan the Playground Expert and how the character Ryan was inspired by a real life boy called Ansel Lim. It was only after the Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School Assembly Talk ended… Continue reading Author Visit @Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School


Book Signing at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School

Had a heartwarming surprise at a book signing session on 5 February. Before this, I had thought book signing sessions were quiet affairs where you basically keep out of the way of the stampede towards the book table and try hard not burst into grateful tears, saying “Thank you! Thank you for buying my book!”… Continue reading Book Signing at Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School


Author Visit @ Zhonghua Primary

Spoke to more than 100 pupils of Zhonghua Primary about Not in the Stars on 26 January. Today I learned two things. I learned that there is such a thing as "Pre Assembly" - this is a 20-minute slot inserted before the assembly time. And I learned that I could conduct an Author Visit in 20… Continue reading Author Visit @ Zhonghua Primary


Look Who’s Buying My Book

I had a book signing at a school book fair. That evening my friend sent me this picture. Turns out that her son had bought my book and I had pinched his cheek (irresistible - so round). Felt like I’d been promoted. It used to be my friends would push my books on their kids,… Continue reading Look Who’s Buying My Book


The Battle between Dimples and Terrible Timmy

Made an Author Visit to 100 over Ngee Ann Primary School students on January 21 to talk about my Young Adult novel Not in the Stars. Read our brand new story below. After speaking to preschoolers about my newest book Playtime with Ye Ye for the past month, I had to switch gears to address the… Continue reading The Battle between Dimples and Terrible Timmy