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Poem-Dark Lands Space-Time

A peak
An edge
You peeked.
The world–
It’s chaos.

Fragments you cannot read
Splinters you cannot predict.
You have your answer.

You can’t rally,
There’s nothing to rally.
No reserves left,
All used up in the climb.
Your jeep, your mule, your shoes…
You used them all up
In your quest.
And all you found
Was chaos.

Did it matter?
A lot.
But, now,
no more.

Sheer terror
Lived for too long
Becomes the norm.

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Poem – Dark Lands coin

The coin of my hirer
Is shiny and endlessly amusing
For this coin
I rove the Dark Lands
And forget my home.

Wait… let me tarry
Let me earn more.

One coin for my sanity
One coin for my pride
One coin to tell you I’m somebody
And the last—for my next breath.

When I have spent that
Then that’s all.


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Poem – The Bright Lands

The Bright Lands
I am its citizen
Surely I can write its anthem
Surely I’m best fit to sing its song? (more…)

Refrain – Dark Lands

Thanks, Daniel Postlethwaite, lonewolfpoetry and MesAyah, for following my blog.

This piece is part of my Bright Lands story.

Dark Lands

The dark lands, the dark lands,
Bleak and blasted dry lands,
I rush through my lands,
On God’s gift to me.

Behind me, warm my back but wanely
The Bright Lands, the Bright Lands,
Farther and faintly,
Just a memory.

The Bright Lands, the Bright Lands,
Once upon a time our land.
We walked holding hands,
Him and me.

Why this gift?
Why this river?
Why this current carrying me?
Why did he let me go
Why didn’t he hold me back
Why did he say
“I’ll wait and weep…
Come back.”

#brightlands     #darklands


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