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Singapore Female Fest 2018


Spoke about marrying writing with life at the Singapore Female Festival 2018 on 9 September.

It was also a good opportunity to catch up with my current author Teressa Tay and made a new friend, Jedidiah Tan. He wrote up about our little chat:

No More Tears – Update

Thrilled to get an update from Francis and Dorothy Chong about the book we worked on together – ‘No More Tears’.  The book, an emotional chronicle of their separation and reconciliation that has brought hope to many couples, has penetrated into USA and China.

Francis has even received news that people in Mongolia have read the book and were touched by it. There are attempts to translate the book into Mongolian language.

In early February this year, ‘No More Tears’ was featured on ‘A Slice of Life’ with Eugene Loh.

Although the Chongs have not been consciously promoting the book, yet people get to know about it. Crest Bookstore has also been asking Francis and Dorothy to give talks. The Chongs’ main purpose is for couples to be helped. Dorothy is now leading a women support group.

“There are those with father issues, like me, who have also been healed of past wounds. This book has led us to speak in Philippines and Nagaland (in India). We will be back in Nagaland around August to do a marriage workshop,” said Francis.

  To buy ‘No More Tears’ or know more about Francis and Dorothy’s ministry, logon to

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