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Added New Books

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Had to add two new books Shaped for a Purpose and A Fighting Chance.
I liked my previous collage, but every time I needed to add a new book,
I had to go find all the previous books to snap a photo.
So I have decided to change to this linear (boring) style,
so I can add new books easily.
Shaped for a Purpose (Armour Publishing) and A Fighting Chance (Scholastic)
are brand-new releases. Please pick them up from major bookstores!
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Where Did That Book Go? No More Tears

no more tears_DF1I decided to move into book writing in 2007. However, I was one of those people who did not have a burning story to tell. So, the next best thing was to find somebody who did, and tell it for them. I found Francis and Dorothy Chong. And what a story they had to share!
They were a married couple recovering from multiple adultery. Against all odds, the marriage survived. You have to read the book to understand. They wanted to tell their story as part of their healing process and also to provide encouragement and help to other hurting couples.
I remember one interview when Dorothy was digging deep into her memories. I couldn’t type on because tears were obscuring my sight – so unprofessional! She calmly handed me a tissue and we continued. The result was No More Tears – Reconciliation after Adultery.
Let’s hear from Dorothy about where that book went. 

Dorothy, I heard that No More Tears has seen quite a bit of the world? Francis told me it had been distributed in Nagaland. I had to look that one up on the Internet.
D: Francis travels frequently for mission trips. We also have friends who travel for work. They usually bring copies of the book with them. So far, more than 100 copies of the book have been distributed in Nagaland – a state in the north eastern part of India. It gave Francis and me, together with other couples, the opportunity to conduct a Marriage Course in Nagaland last year for 50 couples.
No More Tears has also gone to Malaysia, Thailand, China, Mongolia and Russia. It has been translated into Mongolian and Chinese. There is talk of translating it into Russian and Thai.

Wow, it has been translated into two languages already. How did that happen?
 D: A Mongolian lady read it and volunteered to translate it into her language. She felt that there were couples in Mongolia who would benefit from reading it.
Many readers tell us that it is rare to find a book about adultery in the Asian context. Mostly, only Caucasians are brave enough to “tell all”. So our book is quite unique. That’s why the book was translated into other Asian languages – people felt they could relate to the story.
Actually, many marriages are plagued by adultery. We don’t know the real figures because adultery is usually shrouded in secrecy and even the spouses may not be aware for years and years. And when they find out, they may not talk about it or seek help because they feel ashamed about the breakdown of their marriage.

No More TearsThis leads us to talk about your ministry. You embarked on the writing of the book because it is an extension of your marriage ministry?
D: Yes. Up till last year, Francis and I facilitated a 10-week Marriage Course. I, together with a few women, conduct a support group for women who are hurting from adulterous marriages and Francis counsels married men who are willing to open up.
We also speak at conferences, both locally and in other countries. Naturally, we can’t tell our life story when we are on stage, it’ll take too much time. That’s where No More Tears comes in. People read about our ugly past in the book. Then, they see Francis and me on stage, reconciled and happy. The difference is powerful. It gives them hope for their marriages and strength to carry on with their lives. I’ve lost count of the number of people who approached us after they had read the book. I don’t know how many copies of No More Tears have been sold, but I always hear about the book being passed around! (laughs)
I need to add a cautionary note here. Seeking counsel does not mean the marriage will be saved. The reality is that some adulterous spouses do not wish to mend the marriage. In my support group, I don’t go into methods to ‘get the husbands back’. Instead, we point the women to God, help them find security in Him and nurture their inner strength to continue with their lives, with or without their husbands.   

Did the writing of your book (back in 2008!) contribute in any way to the healing process for you and Francis?
Yes, it did! Recalling our story brought back a lot of pain. Nobody wants to wash their dirty linen in public, and moreover, I am a naturally reserved person, so it was very uncomfortable. There were many times when I wanted to stop. But when I saw how sincere, repentant and willing my husband was to tell his story, it gave me new confidence in our marriage.
I am glad we finished the book and published it, because it testifies of how God transformed our broken marriage and it has brought hope and help to many people.  

Thank you, Dorothy, for helping me to catch up with where the book No More Tears has gone. I will probably never visit Nagaland in my lifetime, so it is awesome to learn that a book I had written had already gone there. That’s the thing about books:
“When a book is published, it goes on to lead its own life, walk its own path, travel to places, meet people, make friends, change some.” (Pauline Loh)

No More Tears – Reconciliation after Adultery is published by Armour Publishing and available on Amazon.com http://www.amazon.com/No-More-Tears-Reconciliation-Adultery/dp/9814222860
For the Chinese and Mongolian versions, please email Dorothy at dorothyew@yahoo.com

No More Tears – Update

Thrilled to get an update from Francis and Dorothy Chong about the book we worked on together – ‘No More Tears’.  The book, an emotional chronicle of their separation and reconciliation that has brought hope to many couples, has penetrated into USA and China.

Francis has even received news that people in Mongolia have read the book and were touched by it. There are attempts to translate the book into Mongolian language.

In early February this year, ‘No More Tears’ was featured on ‘A Slice of Life’ with Eugene Loh.

Although the Chongs have not been consciously promoting the book, yet people get to know about it. Crest Bookstore has also been asking Francis and Dorothy to give talks. The Chongs’ main purpose is for couples to be helped. Dorothy is now leading a women support group.

“There are those with father issues, like me, who have also been healed of past wounds. This book has led us to speak in Philippines and Nagaland (in India). We will be back in Nagaland around August to do a marriage workshop,” said Francis.

  To buy ‘No More Tears’ or know more about Francis and Dorothy’s ministry, logon to

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