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Added New Books

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Had to add two new books Shaped for a Purpose and A Fighting Chance.
I liked my previous collage, but every time I needed to add a new book,
I had to go find all the previous books to snap a photo.
So I have decided to change to this linear (boring) style,
so I can add new books easily.
Shaped for a Purpose (Armour Publishing) and A Fighting Chance (Scholastic)
are brand-new releases. Please pick them up from major bookstores!
Thank you for your support!


2010 Round Up

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! As the year draws to a close, I’d like to thank you for involving me in your projects and share with you about my year. I wish you an exciting and happy 2011 !

“No More Cocoa” – A Children’s Story about Pneumococcal Disease
Synopsis: Polly and Peter find out what pneumococcal disease is and how they can be protected against it. Includes a Parents’ Guide.
Involvement: I was commissioned by Pfizer Singapore, through Edelman, to write this educational children’s story. It was published in November as part of a national education programme focused on pneumococcal disease and the importance of vaccination. It was given to children in preschools like My First Skool.

The Little Red Helicopter iPhone application
Synopsis: The tale of a special playground toy comes to life with this animated interactive storybook. Award-winning “The Little Red Helicopter” makes the leap to iPhone with sound effects and quirky animation. Available on itunes.apple.com
Involvement: Well; none at all actually. All thanks to Straits Times Press who got my 2009 book onto iPhone!

Successful Breastfeeding – A Practical Guide
Synopsis: This book is written by Mount Alvernia Hospital’s Senior Lactation Consultant Ms Kang Phaik Gaik. It is a significant publication as it focuses on breastfeeding in the Asian context. Published by Write Editions and available at major bookstores.
Involvement: It has been very educational editing this book. I thought I knew alot about the subject, but Sis Kang is not called the ‘breastfeeding guru’ for nothing!

Finding My Voice – a true story of setbacks, new beginnings and toy characters
Synopsis: Award-winning author Emily Lim chronicles her lowest season in life as a vocal cripple and subsequent recovery with a voice that comes with great candour. It is a book for anyone who has encountered fear, despair and loss of self-worth. It inspires us to have the hope that when one door closes, another opens. Finding My Voice is published by Write Editions and available at major bookstores.
Involvement: It is a privilege to get to know Emily as a friend through our writers’ group. Copyproofing her book brought tears to my eyes.

Out of the Harbour
Synopsis: Out of the Harbour is a frank and beautiful account of one young person’s obedience to God’s call in global missions. Jiamin Choo spent her youth on board Doulos, visiting many countries to bring knowledge, help and hope. The book will be launched in the first quarter of 2011.
Involvement: Jiamin is a petite young lady but a giant in her faith. It has been an inspiring journey editing her book and being in the same writers’ group with her.

Upbeat – a quarterly publication by Employer Alliance
Synopsis: Employer Alliance is a network of corporations committed to create an enabling work environment to enhance work-life integration. Upbeat is one of its tools to equip members with Work-Life Integration knowledge.
Involvement: I feel it is important that working parents like myself be given help to balance work, family and personal growth. So I am grateful to Employer Alliance for this opportunity to contribute to an improved Singapore lifestyle.

Beauty Defined – Becoming a Disciple of Christ
Synopsis: Commissioned by Equipping Leaders for Asia, these two workbooks help single and married women to become more effective disciples of Christ. They cover important areas of our lives like spiritual growth, attitude to work, effectiveness as parents and balancing priorities.
Involvement: Compiled these lessons based on Cynthia Heald’s excellent series of devotional books and Tim Elmore’s Habitudes.

Our Very Own – Stories Celebrating Adoptive Families
Synopsis: A compilation of inspiring stories about love, the courage to love and how adoptive parents overcome obstacles and challenges to become a family with their chosen children. A very useful book for couples considering adoption or for readers who simply want to be inspired by extraordinary love. It is available by mail order from TOUCH Community Services or you can buy the book at the TCS office. Produced by Write Editions.
Involvement: Another book that brought tears to my eyes as I edited it… even after reading it several rounds. One begins to understand the quote “Adoption is another word for love”.

Blessed to be a Blessing – Lionel and Betty Ong
Synopsis: This is a one time publication for the Christian Businessmen’s Committee (CBMC) World Convention 2010. It is a Tribute to the CBMC Chairman Mr Lionel Ong and his wife Betty. Lionel Ong is heavily involved in numerous national ministries and is a blessing to many people.
Involvement: It has been extremely inspiring learning about Lionel’s contributions, and yet, when one meets him in person, he is so friendly and humble. His family is now working on an e-book that they hope to upload by the early half of 2011.

Heart Sell – Cultivating authentic sales that last
Synopsis: Angela Oh has had 20 over years of experience in sales and shares it with us in this book. More than a book about sales techniques, this inspirational work teaches us about positivity and mental strength. Produced by Write Editions. Read more in http://www.heartsell.sg
Involvement: I came in only at the end to copyproof the draft. I learned that selling is not a vocation; it’s a passion.

The Soy Sauce Towkay
Synopsis: This book is about the founder of Yeo Hiap Seng (YHS), Yeo Thian In. It chronicles how he turned a soy sauce company into a public listed food and beverage company. More than that, it is a heartwarming account of family ties and faith.
Involvement: It was a well-written story that required very little copyproofing. It’s a privilege to be involved even in a minor way in a book that contributes to Singapore’s legacy.

Besides books, I also worked on various websites. SNEF’s portal on Re-employment of Older Workers deserves mention. See it on http://www.re-employment.sg

I wrote two series on Pregnancy Tips and Baby Development for iPhone applications. They were commissioned by Huggies. Thanks, Sumeet!

Thanks also to Matthew Lim, Jimmy Tan and Fpix for patiently guiding me to improve on my video scripts.

Looking forward to a brand new year and hope to hear from you soon!

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