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Launch of book ‘Loving Mum Forever’

Launch of book 'Loving Mum Forever'

May is a special month because I launched two books. This is my book for women launched on Mother’s Day.

Should Children Carry Mobile Phones?

My 12-year-old wrote this ‘educational’ article in her newsletter “The Tween Times” to teach adults about buying mobile phones for kids! 🙂 (more…)

Thank God for Normal-Sayers

You’ve heard of ‘naysayers’ – people who habitually give negative opinions – the less of these in our lives, the better! Well, I have some Normal-Sayers in my life and I thank God for them. (more…)

Our Middle Child

Today was one of the rare occasions when my husband and I were all alone with our middle child. (more…)

“Mum, Can I Stay Over?”

My daughter wants to stay over at her friend’s home. “Why don’t you invite your friends over?” I asked (because it would be my opportunity to observe her friends up close). However, she said she does not want her friends to come to our house. Again, I felt sad. (more…)

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