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Poem-Birthday 2017

It’s my birthday
It’s been a year since my last birthday
And you remembered it?
The month? And the date?

It’s my birthday
How ever did you know?
Did you put it in your diary
Together with Christmas
And Thanksgiving?

It’s my birthday
And you want to celebrate it?
You called a few friends
And they’re coming?
They’re putting aside everything,
Just for me?

It’s my birthday
And you remembered
the kind of cake I liked –
All cream, no crust.
You put up balloons,
Colour coded the décor,
So it was all pink.

It’s my birthday
And it’s going to be the best birthday ever
It’s always the best birthday
When you celebrate with me.

Poem-Dark Lands Space-Time

A peak
An edge
You peeked.
The world–
It’s chaos.

Fragments you cannot read
Splinters you cannot predict.
You have your answer.

You can’t rally,
There’s nothing to rally.
No reserves left,
All used up in the climb.
Your jeep, your mule, your shoes…
You used them all up
In your quest.
And all you found
Was chaos.

Did it matter?
A lot.
But, now,
no more.

Sheer terror
Lived for too long
Becomes the norm.

#brightlands    #darklands



Poem-Father’s Day

A thin cotton handkerchief
White or slightly off-white
With a severe brown trim.
No monogram, no embroidery

Squarely folded, it stayed
at attention in your left pocket.
When you took it out, it’s always
With four fingers in front
and thumb behind.

At the end of the day, it went into the wash
A clean one took its place
To battle everything the day threw at you.
Determined, disciplined,

The day you stopped using your handkerchief,
A month later, we lost you.

Did I marry for that handkerchief?
In my husband’s pocket
A clean cotton square severely folded.
White or off-white with brown trim

He’s ready to meet the day’s challenges —
Office dramas,
Sweaty children,
A wife who forgets tissues.

At the end of a day,
I clear the handkerchief
Out of his left pocket
And breathe in the scent
The scent at once ancient and new —




Poem – Dark Lands coin

The coin of my hirer
Is shiny and endlessly amusing
For this coin
I rove the Dark Lands
And forget my home.

Wait… let me tarry
Let me earn more.

One coin for my sanity
One coin for my pride
One coin to tell you I’m somebody
And the last—for my next breath.

When I have spent that
Then that’s all.


#brightlands   #darklands



Poem – The Bright Lands

The Bright Lands
I am its citizen
Surely I can write its anthem
Surely I’m best fit to sing its song? (more…)

Poem-Watered Words

It’s awful when one is wrestling words every day but not actually writing. This poem was written many years ago; but with no new words coming, I guess only watered down words will do.

Watered Words

I can’t put it into words,
my ears frustrate my mind.
What taunts Nature uses against
my supposedly clever kind.

The sound is just that
a sound I can’t describe.
It condescends to explain
then snatches back, playfully sly.

It would not be ignored,
its teasing grows unkind.
The words long to burst forth
but knows not wither which way to fly.

Cowered by the ceaseless tumble
puzzled by the restless roar,
searching till it’s all too late
Oh! Gone, gone forevermore.



Poem- Market Uncle

Uncle, do you notice me?
I am sitting two rows behind you
Gulping down my noodles, choking on my soup,
Cos I’m supposed to be somewhere five minutes ago.
There are one email, two sms and three missing laundry needing my attention.
Uncle, is that a glass of tea before you?
You look like you have the whole afternoon.

Uncle, didn’t I see you yesterday?
At the same table?
I’m just rushing through, buying a bun
To last me through breakfast and lunch.
Uncle, you have a new glass of tea.
It’s still full.
Your tea looks nice and hot.

Uncle, my son performed terribly in school,
I felt so small in front of the other mums.
I just needed to tell someone
While passing through
Thanks for listening
Gotta go.

Uncle, just want to tell you
I’ve got your koyok
On my shelf at home.
I’ll use it someday,
When I’m less busy, less tired,
Less poor, less sick,
More happy…
I will use it then.
I’m just stopping by
To let you know
I have it on my shelf at home.

Uncle, they tell me
You’re holding a party at the market.
Really? And everybody is invited.
Truly? Including me?
Uncle, I have three deadlines, two holes in my sofa, one broken cooker hood.
But I think…
I would very much like…
To  p a r t y.

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