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Ye Ye commemorates SGBicentennial

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Hot on the heels of the Singapore Bicentennial launch last night (Jan 28), Ye Ye has kicked off his own Bicentennial celebrations by visiting Kuo Chuan Presbyterian Primary School. (more…)

Fiction:Brief-Lived Butterflies

As part of my Meet the Author Assembly Talks in primary schools, there will always be one segment where, together with 5 budding authors, I create a story. I always tell the students “We’re going to tell a brand new story now that has never been told before, and will never be told again—it will fly momentarily above your heads like a scintillating butterfly and then it will flit away, never to be seen again.” (more…)

Author Visit @ Zhonghua Primary

???????????????????????????????Spoke to more than 100 pupils of Zhonghua Primary about Not in the Stars on 26 January.

Today I learned two things. I learned that there is such a thing as “Pre Assembly” – this is a 20-minute slot inserted before the assembly time.

And I learned that I could conduct an Author Visit in 20 minutes. Well, actually I didn’t. I mean, how do you distil 30 years of trials, heartaches, waiting, rejections, zero income, no royalties and finally seeing your Book in print… into 20 minutes?

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