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Writers Support Group 1st Anniversary

The Writers Support Group celebrated its first anniversary on 25 Sep 2010 (Sat). (more…)

Meeting with a Visionary

I used to think that I ought to lose myself on a godforsaken island and live like Robinson Crusoe, so I could write a book. Now I recognise that I would be so loaded with self-doubt that I would race back to the rat race, aka Singapore, in the blink of an eye, and maniacally hitching up with any nine to six corporation willing to look my way.

I was meeting up with my ex-boss, a visionary for the media industry. It’s hard to stay on the topic – a commissioned book. We were all over the place, touching on dreams, blogs, ideas for musicals(!?). I tell CK my dream to write a book. He gives me the puzzled look I’m used to now.

“Just write it, then!” he says. He doesn’t understand, they all don’t understand. What I’ve been building all these years is not a portfolio but a writer’s block, and after two decades of loving construction, it is now the size of UOB Building.

Oh well, back to paid writing. Today, I am rewriting. Rewriting is like a cow regurgitating the fresh green grass she had eaten, checking over the sodden tasteless mess and stuffing it into her mouth again. Tactic? Get it over with as fast as you can!

Meeting with Publisher

The Writers’ Support Group just had its second mtg (10 Oct) and we heard from two members who have already met with a Publisher. These are their tips on what to expect: (more…)

National Day


National Day
By Alexis Ong
The Tween Times, 9 Aug 2009


Sometimes, do you feel that you want to thank Singapore for so much, but don’t know how to express it? Do you feel like you want to “keep it all in a jar”? Well, here’s how!

First, get hold of a glass jar like this:

Then get sheets of coloured paper and cut them into long rectangle pieces. Then, you can write your thanksgivings on the papers! After that, roll up the papers and drop them into the jar. Remember to write the names of the people who wrote the thanksgivings onto the papers, and DON’T lose the jar. Keep it till next year, so you can read them again next National Day and write new ones! Here are a few examples of thanksgiving notes:

I thank Singapore for…

  • An uncorrupted government
  • Being hard on drugs
  • Clean tap water
  • Keeping us safe from racial prejudice
  • Good and affordable healthcare
  • Good education system
  • Being at peace with countries around the world
  • Putting Mas Selamat away
  • Affordable school fees
  • Charitable works
  • Unity in helping East Timor
  • Preparing for the future
  • Making a good comeback after the economic downturn
  • Enforcing religious harmony
  • Social Development Unit (From my mother)
  • Housing for everyone
  • Creating jobs for many people
  • The SPUR program – a program that teaches illiterate Singaporeans new skills to help them get new jobs if they have lost theirs from the economic downturn.
  • Planting lots of trees
  • No natural disasters.

So far, we have 20 thanksgivings for Singapore. Can anyone think of 24 more to make it 44, our nation’s birthday? If you have any more, just send them (or it) to enna_ong@yahoo.com.sg and we’ll publish it in the next issue of The Tween Times!

The Tween Times

This is the masthead of my two daughters’ weekly e-newspaper. I am very proud of them for being brave, talented, disciplined enough to take up this demanding project on top of their exams, piano and other commitments.

If you wish to read The Tween Times, email the Editor at enna_ong@yahoo.com.sg

My eldest daughter is the editor; and my second designed the masthead as well as the comics department. Here is an example of Maximum Comics.

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