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Book Wall

all books_1019

Updated my book wall with my two latest books, Lion Boy and Drummer Girl and Jade’s Quest for Her Heritage.

Lion Boy and Drummer Girl was published in 2017 while Jade’s Quest was published in August this year. Thanks to a talk in Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, I was finally spurred to revisit my woefully outdated book wall!

Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop


Was at the Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop opening day on March 6. What an awesome array of local books occupying a floor to ceiling bookshelf! Glad Lion Boy and Drummer Girl is occupying a 3rd floor unit.
Robot in My Playground, also published by Epigram Books, was relegated to the top floor. But this is one time when you don’t want the penthouse, because customers can’t get at the book!

Congratulations, Epigram!


Added New Books

all books_0217_cropped

Had to add two new books Shaped for a Purpose and A Fighting Chance.
I liked my previous collage, but every time I needed to add a new book,
I had to go find all the previous books to snap a photo.
So I have decided to change to this linear (boring) style,
so I can add new books easily.
Shaped for a Purpose (Armour Publishing) and A Fighting Chance (Scholastic)
are brand-new releases. Please pick them up from major bookstores!
Thank you for your support!


Playtime with Ye Ye @Imagine Native-Creative Fest


I’m thankful for the full turnout at the Playtime with Ye Ye storytelling at Imagine Native-Creative Fest for Kids at S.E.A. Aquarium on 5 June. There were more than 50 children in the room! We didn’t have enough paper, pencils and colour pencils! (more…)

They fought over Robot in My Playground!

Picture1It was a great honour and pleasant surprise to have Robot in the Playground featured at the Asian Festival of Children’s Content (AFCC 2015) Duelling Illustrators. (more…)

Published Books

Did a collage of books I had written.
all books
 But that was before “Ryan the Playground Expert” was launched.

cover_Playground Expert

So now I have to do a new collage.

Robot in My Playground on Sale

Robot In My Playground

Robot in My Playground is on sale by Epigram Books – http://www.epigrambooks.sg/the-robot-in-my-playground/

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