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Testimony for Rainbow Centre

Congratulations on the official opening of your Rainbow Centre Yishun Park School.
When my son, Lukas, was a few months old, I noticed that he did not turn his body. He did not learn to crawl. (more…)

At A Bag Sale

Red bags, black bags
Big bags, small.
Sequins for dinner
Canvas for the mall.
PC bags, Fanny packs,
Backpacks galore.

Friends buy bags, swap bags, talk bags,
Always want more.

I don’t have a bag.

Once upon a time,
His diaper bag carried all.
Where he goes, I go,
But now he’s grown.
He’s got a knapsack
And I need my own.

Branded bags, executive bags,
Gucci, Chloe, Moschino
The cashiers wonder and whisper
As I wander and snivel,
A lost soul on aisle Coccomato.


His truck crashes, the tyres spin,

He pauses in mid mayhem to smile for me.

This mystery and miracle…

How does his heart thump?

His mind scheme and his lungs pump?

He was shaped in me and came out from me,

Surely I could comprehend?

But every part of this tiny body and soul is beyond me,

Even now, he slips further from my grasp.


But, today, he smiles for me, my son.

He gives me JOY

The way nothing can.

God’s grace and peace shine out from within

Nothing can steal my love for him.

He Smiles

My son plays in the thickening dusk
Weighed hand finds not the switch for the light
He shows no fear of gathering dark
But, once again, he turns to me and smiles

Perhaps his lamp is the love shining through my eyes.

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