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The Penultimate Stop


Thanksgiving. Grateful for my Writers’ Group–The Penultimate Stop. There are just 3 of us – Lianne Ong, award winning author of Stacey & the Museums series, Lucy Cheng, a closet writer with an exquisite vocabulary, and me. But just in one year, we have clocked these achievements:




  1. Singapore Hawker Food – written, critiqued and published (Armour).
  2. The Hunted Lion – sequel to “Lion Boy and Drummer Girl” (Epigram), written, critiqued and sent to publisher.
  3. Three picture books for a series for Special Needs – written, critiqued and with publisher now. Will update when it is published!
  4. A 5000-word financial drama – written, critiqued and submitted for Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2018.
  5. An illustrated book celebrating Spore’s Bicentennial 2019 – written and being critiqued.


Writing a Book Outline

You want to write a book but how do you start? Begin with a Plan. (more…)

Writers Support Group 1st Anniversary

The Writers Support Group celebrated its first anniversary on 25 Sep 2010 (Sat). (more…)

Self-Publishing and Marketing Books

Emily Lim

Had a constructive meeting with three-time IPPY award winner Emily Lim. (more…)

The Little Red Helicopter Book Launch

The Little Red Helicopter is launched! I am a winner of the First Time Writers and Illustrators Publishing Initiative 2009! (more…)

Meeting with Publisher

The Writers’ Support Group just had its second mtg (10 Oct) and we heard from two members who have already met with a Publisher. These are their tips on what to expect: (more…)

What Keeps You from Writing?

Dear Authors,
Just out of curiosity, I’ll like to know what are some of the reasons that keep us from writing our books? (more…)

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